How To Cut Costs On Health Insurance

Geography: United States Source: United Benefit Advisors Date: April 2016 Findings: 50% increase in employees median out-of-network deductibles over the last five years. 200% increases in median in-network single deductibles. 33% increase of the median in-network deductible and the out-of-network deductible increase was a whopping 75% in just five years. Recommendation: Providing health-insurance benefits is key to employee retention, […]

How to Manage Higher Health Insurance Costs

Geography: United States Source: United Benefit Advisors Date: April 2016 Findings: 48.9% of prescription drug plans utilize three tiers (generic, formulary brand, and non-formulary brand); 4.3% retain a two-tier plan; and 44.1% offer four tiers or more. 58.1% increase ,over the last two years, of the number of 4+ tier plans, making this a rapidly growing strategy to control […]