The Anxiety Behind Wage Negotiations

Geography: United States Research Source:  Robert Half Date: July 2017 Findings: 49% of professionals feel confident when asking for a pay increase, compared to 57% who feel self-assured when public speaking. Respondents who – rather than ask for a raise – would prefer to clean their house (36%), look for a new job (14%), get a root canal (5%), […]

Are You Offering Competitive Salaries In Order To Attracted Top Talent?

Geography: United States —Research Source: Robert Half —Date: September 2016 —Findings: 3.7% expected increase in overall starting salaries for accounting and finance professionals. 3.8% salary increase for IT professionals who are entering the workforce. 3.6% increase in average starting salaries for positions in the creative and marketing fields. 3.5% predicted increase in the starting salaries for administrative professionals. 3.6% […]

How Transparency Affects Worker’s Mentality Towards The Bottom Line

Geography: United States —Research Source: Robert Half —Date: August 2016 —Findings: 47% of workers in the  reported they are always able to see the connection between their duties and their firm’s performance, the majority, 53%, also said they want greater insights. 14% of those polled noted they rarely or never see how their work affects the organization. 59% […]

Don’t Lose Your Hires Because Of A Lengthy Hiring Process

Geography: United States —Research Source: Robert Half —Date: August 2016 —Findings: 57% of workers said the most frustrating part of the job search is the long wait after an interview to hear if they got the job. 23% of workers lose interest in the firm if they don’t hear back within one week after the initial interview. 46% of workers lose interest […]

Exit Interviews Are A Gold Mine For Companies

Geography: United States Source: Robert Half Date: April 2016 Findings: 63% human resources (HR) managers said their company commonly acts on feedback from exit interviews. 29% of respondents stated they update job descriptions when asked how they followed up on information gleaned from meetings. 24% address comments about management, while 22% make changes to the work environment and 19% […]

Bringing The Technology Back Into The Limelight

Geography: United States —Research Source: Robert Half  —Date: March 2016 —Findings: 75% of non-IT (information technology) professionals polled said the technology field holds appeal for them. 38% of U.S. working professional said they would find a career in the technology field appealing because of its salary and job opportunities. However, 12% responded to being uninterested in the technology industry. […]

What Does It Take For Someone To Relocate?

Geography: United States —Research Source: Robert Half —Date: March 2016 —Findings: 67% of workers would consider relocating for a job, and 37% believe a move would improve their career prospects. 88% of respondents states a higher salary and a lower cost of living (61%) ranked substantially higher in importance than being closer to family and friends (39%) for the workers polled. 39% of […]

Starting Salaries For Professional Roles Is On The Rise

Geography: United States Research Source: Robert Half —Date: September 2015 —Findings: 4.1% average increase in U.S. starting salaries for professional occupations in 2016. 83% said a bigger salary would be a top factor prompting them to move to another company. 46% of individuals said more growth opportunities would make them want to change companies. Recommendations: U.S. starting salaries […]

Counteroffers Do Not Solve The Problem

Geography: United States Research Source: Robert Half —Date: June 2015 —Finding: 21% of CFOs extend counteroffers to employees to keep them from leaving for another job and 78% don’t extend offers. 63% did not increase the salary of any other employees in their department after extending a counteroffer. Recommendations: Many business professionals wold suggest that counteroffers are […]

Most Employers Do Not Extend Counteroffers

Geography: United States Research Source: Robert Half —Date: June 2015 —Finding: 78% of chief financial officers said they don’t extend counteroffers to keep employees from leaving. 21% do make counteroffers, and 34% said doing so necessitated raises for other employees in the department. Recommendations: Counteroffers aren’t necessarily the answer when it comes to retention. Extending counteroffers […]