Lack of Appealing Entry-level Jobs May be Encouraging Labor Force Gaps

Geography: United States —Research Source: Quartz —Date: October 2016 —Findings: About 50% of 22-year-olds were underemployed in 2009, falling to 42% by the time they turned 27. Only about 25% of young non-college graduates currently have white-collar jobs, like working as an office assistant. Around 40% of 18-to-24-year-olds in the US are now enrolled in college, up from 30% in […]

Inbox: The Executives News Room

Geography: Global Research Source: Quartz —Date: October 2015 —Findings: 60% of executives read an email newsletter as one of their first three news sources they check daily–more than twice as high as news apps. 61% subscribe to newspapers and magazines, but only 3% use them as a primary news source. 37% of executives pay for digital news; executives in the finance industry are […]

Executives Take Advantage Of Morning News

Geography: Global Research Source: Quartz —Date: October 2015 —Findings: 44% of executives are most focused on news immediately upon waking up. 75% of executives spend at least 30 minutes consuming news each day. 80% of those individuals spend more than half an hour focused on media and advertising. 60% of executives are most focused on news in the morning, […]