Facts Surrounding Students Loans

Geography: United States Research Source: Pew Research Center Date: September 2017 Findings: Among adults ages 18 to 29, 37% say they have outstanding student loans for their education. Roughly one-in-five adults ages 30 to 44 (22%) have student loan debt, as do 4% of those 45 and older. Only 7% of current borrowers have at least $100,000 […]

Technology’s Effect On The Future Of The Job Market

Geography: United States Research Source: Pew Research Center Date: June 2017 Findings:  The employment to population ratio is reduced by about 0.18-0.34% and wages by 0.25-0.5% with one additional robot per thousand workers. 87% of workers believe it will be essential for them to get training and develop new job skills throughout their work life in order to […]

Aging Americans And Their Technological Fluency

Geography: United States Research Source: Pew Research Center Date: June 2017 Findings:  Older Americans – those age 65 and older – now account for 15% of the overall U.S. population. By 2050, 22% of Americans will be 65 and older, according to U.S. Census Bureau projections. Around four-in-ten (42%) adults ages, 65 and older now report owning smartphones, up […]

2017 Pew Research Center’s Recent Findings On Demographic Trends

Geography: Global Research Source: Pew Research Center Date: May 2017 Findings:  50% of U.S. adults were married in 2015, down from 70% in 1950. As marriage has declined, the number of cohabiting relationships (living with an unmarried partner) rose 29% between 2007 and 2016, from 14 million to 18 million. Women accounted for 46.8% of the U.S. labor force […]

The Gender Gap in Pay Continues to Play a Role in the Workforce

Geography: United States Research Source: Pew Research Center Date: April 2017 Findings:  Women earned nearly 83% of what men earned, according to a 2015 study It would take an extra 44 days of work for women to earn what men did in 2015 For adults between the ages of 25-34, however, women earned 90 cents for every […]

Women Are The Backbone Of The Global Labor Force

Geography: Global Research Source: Pew Research Center Date: March 2017 Findings:  Women make up at least 40% of the workforce in more than 80 countries. Across 114 countries the median female share of the workforce is 45.4%. In the United States, women account for 46.8% of the labor force, a share that is projected to fall slightly in the […]

5 Trends America Is Seeing On Relationships

Geography: United States —Research Source: Pew Research Center —Date: March 2017 —Findings:  88% of Americans cited love as a very important reason to get married, ahead of making a lifelong commitment (81%) and companionship (76%). Fewer (28%) said financial stability was a very important reason to marry. 78% say finding a spouse or partner with a steady […]

Don’t Fall Victim To Weak Cyber Security

Geography: United States —Research Source: Pew Research Center —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  A majority of Americans (64%) have personally experienced a major data breach, and relatively large shares of the public lack trust in key institutions – especially the federal government and social media sites – to protect their personal information. 65% of internet users say that memorization […]

Who Is Slated To Gain The Most Influence Under Trump.

Geography: Unites States —Research Source: Pew Research Center  —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  64% of Americans say wealthy people will gain influence in Washington when Trump takes office. Just 8% say they will lose influence, while 27% expect the wealthy will not be affected. In addition, about half of the public thinks whites (51%), men (51%) and conservative Christians […]

Do Not Take Your Education For Granted

Geography: Unites States —Research Source: Pew Research Center —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  19% of adults around the globe have no formal schooling at all. Virtually all adults in Europe (98%) and English-speaking North America (99%) have at least some education, four-in-ten in the Middle East and North Africa (41%) and in sub-Saharan Africa (41%) have not completed even a year […]