We Value Authenticity When Shopping

Geography: United States —Research Source: Nielsen —Date: March 2016 —Findings: Millennials are 74% more likely than average to visit Chipotle over Panera, Quiznos, Chick-Fil-A and Starbucks. Millennial are 57% more likely than average to visit the sites like Easy because its e-commerce portal is focused on handmade, vintage and craft items and supplies. Recommendation: Staying connected in today’s world […]

The Big City Is The Place To Be

Geography: United States —Research Source: Nielsen —Date: March 2016 —Findings: 62% of Millennials prefer to live in the type of mixed-use communities found in urban centers where they live in close proximity to a mix of shopping, restaurants and offices. 40% say they would like to live in an urban area in the future. 33% of Millennials are renters […]

Millennials Are Looking For Ways To Stay Healthy

Geography: United States —Research Source: Nielsen —Date: March 2016 —Findings: 33% of Millennials are classified as obese, which is slightly below the national average. And, 28% smoke cigarettes, which is 7% higher than the national average. 69%  of Millennials are interested in programs to help to make healthier choices like massage therapy, health assessments (22%), weight management (59%), lifestyle […]

Millennials Are Suffering From The Lack Of Insurance

Geography: United States —Research Source: Nielsen —Date: March 2016 —Findings: 34% of younger Millennials and 27% of older Millennials are uninsured – higher than the overall average of 25%. 33% of young Millennials are benefiting from Health Care Reform changes allowing them to participant in their parents’ health insurance until age 26 Recommendation: Many Millennials are still uninsured […]

Millennials Self Interest Is Mistaken For Selfishness

Geography: United States —Research Source: Nielsen —Date: March 2016 —Findings: 52% of Millennials say being a good parent is one of their most important goals in life, while only 1% indicates that being famous is important, contrary to popular belief. 63% of Millennials feel it is their responsibility to care for an elderly parent, compared with 55% of […]

Millennials Might Be The Most Expressive Generation Yet

Geography: United States —Research Source: Nielsen —Date: March 2016 —Findings: 23.8 % of Older Millennials (ages 25-34) stream on-demand music compared to 19% of Young Millennials (ages 18-24). 38% of Millennials have a tattoo and 23% have body piercings, compared with 15% and 1% respectively of Boomer. 24% of Young Millennials and 26% of Older Millennials will try a brand/product if […]

The Melting Pots Is Filling Up for Hispanics And Asians

Geography: United States —Research Source: Nielsen —Date: March 2016 —Findings: 71% of Millennials appreciate the influence of other cultures on the American way of life, compared with 62% of Boomers. 20% of all youths in the U.S. is made up of latino. However, their share is far higher in several states. 65% of Latinos are U.S. born […]

Young Millennials Show Signs of Optimism Despite A Trying Economy

Geography: United States —Research Source: Nielsen —Date: March 2016 —Findings: 13% unemployment rate for young Millennials (age 20-24) and 8%for older Millennials (age 25-34) in July 2013, compared with 6 percent for Boomers. 69% of millennials don’t feel they currently earn enough to lead the kind of lifestyle they want, 88% think they’ll be able to earn enough […]

Millennials Are Optimistic And Thriving After The Great Recession

Geography: United States —Research Source: Nielsen —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  24% of the United States Population is Millennials, 23% Baby Boomers, and 27% Gen Z. Roughly 70% of Millennials believe their personal finances will be either good or excellent in the next year, yet 55% still feel like the U.S. is in an economic recession. 27% of the Millennial […]

Upscale Millennials Represent An Opportunity For Insurance Companies

Geography: United States —Research Source: Nielsen —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  29% of Millennials say they plan to look for a new job and 18% plan to move in the next year. 15% of Millennials indicate that purchasing a car is extremely important, while roughly 40% indicate that purchasing a home is extremely important. 57% of Millennials have children however, […]