HR Believes That Baby Boomers Don’t Benefit From Work Flex Programs

Geography: United States Research Source: & CareerArc —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 62% of HR professionals believe that Gen X benefits most from their workplace flexibility programs, versus 35% for Gen Y and only 3% for baby boomers. Recommendations: Companies believe that baby boomers don’t require flexibility yet have to make flexibility available for all generations. […]

Millennials View The Tech, Media and Telecom Sectors As Most Valuable

Geography: Global —Research Source: Deloitte —Date: January 2015 —Findings: 24% of millennial men and 13% of women ranked the technology, media and telecommunications sector as the one to provide the most valuable skills and sector to work in. 33% of millennials view the leadership skill as being the skill they can develop the most in the […]

Millennial Men More Interested In Leadership Roles

Geography: Global —Research Source: Deloitte —Date: January 2015 —Findings: 59% of millennial men would like to secure the top job within their organization versus 47% of women. 27% of millennial men rate their leadership skills as strong versus 21% of women. 34% of millennial women said that as leaders they would emphasize employee growth and development […]

Millennials And Gen X Rely On Mobile Over Boomers For Job Searching

——Geography: Global —Research Source: Indeed —Date: December 2014 —Findings: —73% of millennials conduct a mobile job search versus 71% of Gen X and 48% of baby boomers. —52% of boomers job search on their desktop computer versus 29% of Gen X and 27% of millennials. —Millennials search for jobs most on Monday mornings, while Gen […]

Millennials More Diverse Than Previous Generations

—Geography: United States —Research Source: United States Census Bureau —Date: December 2014 —Findings: —The percentage of millennials today who are foreign born has more than doubled since 1980 (15% versus 6%). —25% of millennials (17.9 million people) speaks a language other than English at home. —All states have higher proportions of foreign-born young adults than […]

Age Is Still Important When It Comes To Direct Reports

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Addison Group —Date: October 2014 —Findings: —70% of workers prefer to oversee someone younger than themselves. —76% of millennials are hesitant to manage a colleague who is older than they are. —Millennials (82%), compared to older generations (57%) are more eager to become managers. —Recommendations: —Despite the changing demographics in […]

Infographic: Multi-Generational Entrepreneurship

Category: Diversity, Generations, Economic Trends, Entrepreneurship Geography: United States Research Source: Millennial Branding & Monster Date: March 2013 Summary: This infographic illustrates the state of worker attitudes around entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship across all generations of workers.

Managers Are At Fault For Millennial Workplace Discrimination

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Millennial Branding & American Express —Date: September 2013 —Findings: —Employees feel that their managers have experience (59%), wisdom (41%) and are willing to mentor them (33%). —Managers feel that Gen Y employees have unrealistic salary/compensation expectations (51%), a poor work ethic (47%), and are easily distracted (46%). —Recommendations: —Managers should […]

Millennial Employees Seek Travel Opportunities

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Millennial Branding & Elance-oDesk —Date: May 2013 —Findings: —50% of millennials say that it’s either very or extremely important that they get the opportunity to travel versus 38% of all generations. —When asked about their travel preferences, 64% said they would like to work and travel, while 36% said that […]

Age Discrimination Seen As Major Issue For Baby Boomers

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Millennial Branding & —Date: September 2012 —Findings: —65% of baby boomers feel that they suffer from age discrimination, compared to 22% of Gen X and 21% of Gen Y. —Recommendations: —One of the biggest issues that arises in the recruiting process is age discrimination and boomers suffer the most […]