Politics In The Office Is Still Taboo

Geography: United States Research Source: Korn Ferry  Date: May 2017 Findings:  56% of respondents say that disclosing their political affiliation in the workplace could negatively impact their career, and nearly one-quarter (23%) say the current political environment interferes with their job performance. 54% executives say they are comfortable with politics being discussed at work, and nearly two-thirds […]

Leading Organizational Change From The Top

Geography: Global Research Source:  Korn Ferry —Date: December 2015 —Findings: 55% of respondents ranking their return on active sponsorship, buy-in, support from the top,and leadership development programs as only “fair” to “very poor. Recommendations: Leadership development efforts are not always as effective as companies would like. Senior executives to set the development strategy for the entire organization, take part in […]

Companies Lack Experiential and Intellectual Diversity

Geography: United States Research Source: Korn Ferry —Date: October 2015 —Findings: 61% of the 250 participating CHROs and senior HR executives believe that their organization’s employee base lacks in experiential and intellectual diversity. 49% of respondents said building the right culture in which people are fully engaged is the area that CHROs feel is most crucial to meeting […]

Who Are The Best Job Candidates?

Geography: United States Research Source: Korn Ferry —Date: October 2015 —Findings: 33% of respondents say that motivation and drivers are what is most important for them when searching for employment candidates. 6% of executives turn first to their own company for candidates and referrals, perhaps a sign that what internal mobility programs exist aren’t as effective as they should be. […]

Lack Of Attention On Diversity And Inclusion Impacts Employee Retention

Geography: Global Research Source: Korn Ferry —Date: March 2015 —Finding: 70% of people say their organizations have diversity and inclusion programs in place, yet 84% say a lack of attention on diversity and inclusion contributes to employee turnover. 42% believe there is an element of unconscious bias in their workplace when it comes to diverse backgrounds […]

Leaders Believe Social Media Is The Best Recruiting Tactic

Geography: Global Research Source: Korn Ferry —Date: March 2015 —Finding: 42% of business leaders believe social media is the best tactic for recruitment, 28% believe word-of-mouth and networking is the best, and 19% trust online talent communities. 54% said on-boarding programs help improve performance and accelerate time to full productivity and 23% claimed it provided company […]

Millennials Want To Make A Business Impact And Advance In Their Careers

Geography: Global Research Source: Korn Ferry —Date: March 2015 —Finding: 23% of Millennials aid the “ability to make an impact on a business” matters most as employees while 20% said “a clear path for advancement,” 16% said “development and ongoing feedback,” and 13% said “income.” 38% said “visibility and buy-in to the vision of the organization,” […]

HR Deserves Succession Planning Too

Geography: Global Research Source: Korn Ferry —Date: April 2015 —Finding: 48% of people say members of the HR function are not considered for high-potential programs. 58% say there is no succession plan for the CHRO. Recommendations: The HR department is not one that should be overlooked when it comes to recruiting, training, and succession planning. Offering […]

Recruiting And Fostering HR Talent

Geography: Global Research Source: Korn Ferry —Date: April 2015 —Finding: 47% of people say their organizations do not offer leadership development programs specifically for members of the HR function. 66% of those who do offer programs say the development is not as rigorous as it is for other functions within within the organization. 58% do not […]

Training The Future Leaders

Geography: Global Research Source: Korn Ferry —Date: May 2015 —Finding: 32% of business leaders believe their organizations are doing a good enough job of cultivating “ready now” leaders. 54% of people feel that their organizations are providing potential leadership candidates with new challenges and assignments. 53% say their organizations identify candidates who are “ready now” […]