Young Adults Are Focused On Saving

Geography: United States —Research Source: Ipsos —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  94% of young adults are saving, either for long-term goals like retirement or purchasing a home, or for shorter-term items like vacations or weddings. 19%, across all age groups, stated the top priority for saving is an emergency fund. After an emergency fund, the next four top saving priorities are: […]

Young Adults Feel Their Incomes Do Not Represent Their Level Of Education

Geography: United States —Research Source: Ipsos —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  64% of young adult men are employed full time, compared to 47% of young adult women, a difference explained mostly by women’s choice to act as a full-time at-home parent (21% of women versus 1%of men). In engineering, women make 17% less than their male counterparts, while women make […]

Education Continues To Drive Employability

Geography: United States —Research Source: Ipsos —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  70% of young adults are employed at least part time, including those who report self-employment and individuals serving in the military. 8% states he or she is either a full-time or part-time student, and 11 percent are full-time at-home parents (21% among women versus 1% among men). 11% of […]

Saving For Emergencies

Geography: United States —Research Source: Ipsos —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  39% of young adults believe that saving for retirement can wait, compared to 36 percent who disagree. 43% agree young adults among ages 22–27 are somewhat more likely to feel that putting off retirement savings is acceptable versus 36% agree among ages 28-35. 60% of high-income individuals believe they can […]

Overeducated and Undervalued

Geography: United States —Research Source: Ipsos —Date: December 2015 —Findings:  58% of young adults said their education prepared them for the workforce; they wouldn’t have been able to land a job without their education (58%); and their education prepared them to find a job (57%). 47% of unemployed individuals without a college degree feel their education prepared them for the […]

Education Leads To Greater Financial Stability

Geography: United States —Research Source: Ipsos —Date: December 2015 —Findings:  63% of young adults score in the “good” financial health range, while 20%  are in “excellent” financial health and 17% are in “poor” financial health. 32% of advanced degree holders achieved “excellent” financial health. This is compared to 22% for bachelor’s degree holders and 20% for individuals with a […]