Why Having A Mentor Can Lead To Professional Success

Geography: United States Research Source: iCIMS —Date: August 2014 —Finding: 50% say that a mentor is helpful in developing their career, yet only 17% of employees claim to have a mentor. 50% of employees prefer to work in a family-like environment. 68% say they found a mentor at a current or former employer and more than […]

Understanding A Recruiter’s Strategy

Geography: United States Research Source: iCIMS, Inc. —Date: July 2014 —Finding: 59% of recruiters consider the cover letter a useful tool and 25% admit that a lack of a cover letter leads to disqualification. 76% of recruiters say that they “always” or “sometimes” perform a Google search on candidates before hiring and 40% say they found […]

Today’s Recruiting Demands Tech Advances

Geography: United States Research Source: icims —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 84% of recruiters agree that talent acquisition is the key to a company’s overall success. 61% of CEOs do not know how to start changing their strategy for attracting and retaining talent. 60% want to implement or improve the use of social media as a means of recruiting […]