Group Size Matters

Geography: United States —Research Source: Harvard Business Review  —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  81% percent chance of purchase when the number of groups member is one, but drops to 55% when a second member is added. 35% of people who are actually paid above market believe they are paid below market. with only 21% believe they are paid above market. […]

CEOs Are Planning Succession Instead Of Being Forced Out

Geography: United States —Research Source: Harvard Business Review  —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  85% of respondents said CEO succession reasons for turn over events were planning in 2014, compared to 76% in 2013. 43% of women and 34% of men, who are new employees, agree/strongly agree to hang aspiration to reach top management. 56% of men and 35% of […]

U.S. Women Lack Confidence In STEM Environments

Geography: United States —Research Source: Harvard Business Review  —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  77% of Black, 65% of Latina, and 64% Asian women have to provide more evidence of competence than others to prove themselves. Only 8% of Black and 9% of Latina women have colleagues that have suggested  they should work fewer hours after having children. 79% of Latina […]

Praise Is Important To Employee Morale

Geography: United States —Research Source: Harvard Business Review  —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  63% of respondents say that not recognizing employe achievements prevents effective leadership. 58% of respondents say not giving clear directions prevents effective leadership along with 52% claiming not having enough time wth employees. 80% of individuals who were praised within the last month say they’re satisfied with […]

Benefits Of 2-D Diversity

Geography: United States Research Source: Harvard Business Review —Date: December 2015 —Findings: Employees are 45% likelier to report that their firm’s market share grew over the previous year for firms with 2-D diversity. 70% likelier to report that the firm captured a new market. 78% of respondents work at companies that lack 2-D diversity in leadership. Without diverse […]

Recognition Has High Impact On Employee Engagement

Geography: Global Research Source: Harvard Business Review —Date: September 2013 —Findings: 71% of execs rank employee engagement as very important to achieving overall organizational success. 72% rank recognition for high performers as having a significant impact on employee engagement. 24% say employees in their organization are highly engaged. Recommendations: Employee engagement is closely linked to customer satisfaction at […]