American Vacation Habits Climb In 2017

Geography: United States Research Source: GFK Date: June 2017 Findings:  In 2016, average vacation use climbed to 16.8 days per worker compared to 16.2 days the year before. The amount of time off earned by employees in 2016 increased by nearly a full day (.7 days) to 22.6 vacation days. The jump in vacation usage from 16.2 to […]

Guilt Looms Over Vacation Days

Geography: United States —Research Source: GfK —Date: October 2016 —Findings: 93% of managers say time off is important for their employees, yet 59% of employees left time on the table last year. 91% of managers say they actively encourage time off yet 43% talk to employees once a year or less about vacation. 55% of managers feel supported […]

Your PTO Is Meant To Help You: USE IT

Geography: United States —Research Source: GfK —Date: September 2016 —Findings: In 2015, 55 percent of Americans combined to leave 658 million vacation days unused. 39% employees say they actually “want to be seen as a work martyr” by their boss. But at home, it is a different story—the overwhelming majority (86%) of employees believe it is a bad thing […]

The Mentality Of Millennial Small Business Owners

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Gfk —Date: July 2016 —Findings:  82% of millennial small business owners cite wanting to control their future / be their own boss as a reason for starting their business. Another 80% hope to grow their business over many years, potentially even passing it down to their children someday. 59% of millennial small business owners […]

Millennial Small Business Owners See Debt As A Necessary Evil

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Gfk —Date: July 2016 —Findings: 17% of millennial small business owners are either in the start-up or growth (58%) phase of their business.  75% of millennial small business are extremely wary of taking on debt, millennial small business owners also view some amount of business debt as necessary for growth (63%) and are willing […]