Missing Out On Top Talent Due To Lengthy Recruiting Times

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Why HR needs to be re-imagined (and how a Hackathon can help)

Author: Jeanne Meister Date: July 2016   How Hackathons Can Help You Re-imagine HR  People have a lot of opinions about HR, many of them negative. In fact, Peter Campelli addressed this issue in a recent article, “Why We Love to Hate HR and What We Can Do About It.” According to him, the most […]

Three New HR Roles To Create Compelling Employee Experiences

Author: Jeanne Meister Date: July 2016   The Workplace As An Experience: Three New HR Roles Emerge What will the ‘new normal look like” for how companies source , develop and engage employees? It has been seven years since McKinsey coined the phrase, ‘the new normal,” referring to the fundamental changes in the business landscape […]