Freelancing Will Take Over Traditional Employment In 20 Years

Geography: United States —Research Source: ERE —Date: May 2016 —Findings:   60% of freelancers who left traditional employment now earn more than they did as employees. 33% of Americans have participated in some form of freelance work in the last year. This number is expected to grow to 40% by 2020. —Recommendations: Freelancing is not new to the […]

How Hiring Managers Drive Quality Leadership And Retention

Geography: United States —Research Source: ERE —Date: May 2016 —Findings:   Only 25% of HR professionals rated their leaders as “very effective,” while the majority (61%) felt they were only “somewhat effective” and 14% felt their leaders were ineffective. 72% of respondents believe the hiring decision is based on the interview process. Only 40% of HR professionals thought their hiring […]

Leadership Has A Significant Impact On Recruiting

Geography: United States —Research Source: ERE —Date: May 2016 —Findings:   40% of respondents said their companies provide no leadership training to new leaders. And nearly half (49%) have no succession management program. 73% of effect leaders have a succession management program and 79 percent offer new leaders with training. —Recommendations: Different companies have varying approaches to retention […]

More Time Needed to Fill Open Positions

Geography: United States Research Source: ERE —Date: November 2015 —Findings: 26 percent of the workers in the private sector will voluntarily quit their jobs this year, up from 24.3% in 2014. 29 days is the new national average time it takes for a firm to fill an open position in July. This is up four and a half days […]