Corporate Real Estate Keeps a Watchful Eye On Coworking Spaces

Geography: Global —Research Source: HOK’s WorkPlace & UK Chapter of CoreNet Global —Date: November 2016 —Findings:  The highest employee engagement levels occur among those who work remotely less than 20% of the time. 54% of the coworkers will leave a specific location in less than a year. Recommendations:  Coworking is now one of the fastest growing markets in […]

Office Space Declines As More Professionals Want Flexibility

—Geography: Global —Research Source: CoreNet Global —Date: September 2013 —Findings: —The average amount of office space per worker was 150 square feet in 2013, down from 225 in 2010. —Over 50% of companies project an average of 100 square feet or less per worker by 2018. —Over 80% said their company is moving away from […]