The Best Employee Benefit For Millennials Is Student Loan Assistance

Geography: United States Research Source: CNBC Date: November 2017 Findings: 85% of Millennials would accept one job offer over another if it included help paying back their student loans, and 36% would stay more than a year longer for it. 27% of respondents would prefer loan repayment 18 times more than 401(k) contributions and 23 times more […]

When Starting a New Job, Millennials Seek Clear Goals Over Autonomy

Geography: United States Research Source: CNBC Date: April 2017 Findings:  When starting a new job… 40% of millennials want to be sufficiently trained 31% of millennials want their expectations and goals to be clearly set 30% of millennials want to be provided with all the information they need to do their job 26% of millennials want to be […]

Millennials Find Optimism In The Economy

Geography: United States Research Source: CNBC —Date: November 2015 —Findings: 87% are satisfied with the training and skills development they receive at work, compared with 76% of the rest of the population. 76% say they are satisfied with their opportunities for promotion and advancement. 22% of all adults say the economy will get better in the next year, compared […]

The Millennial Work-life Balance

Geography: United States & Canada Research Source: CNBC —Date: November 2015 —Findings: 25 percent of millennials are somewhat less likely to say “ethical practices” is the most important trait, compared with 29 percent for all adults. 18 percent of millennials say work-life balance is the most important trait in a company, compared with 19 percent of the population. Recommendations: […]