Women Feel Spurned By Tech-Intensive Industries

Geography: Global Research Source: Catalyst —Date: October 2014 —Findings: 75% of MBA graduates had a tech background in 2014, however only 36% returned to tech-intensive industries. 18% of female MBAs and 24% of male MBAs are likely to enter a tech-intensive role as their first post-MBA job. 53% of these women and 31% of these men are likely […]

African American Women Not Supported In The Workplace

—Geography: Global —Research Source: Catalyst —Date: February 2014 —Findings: —1.1% of corporate officers in Fortune 500 companies are African Americans (106 out of 10,092). —75% of Fortune 500 companies have diversity programs yet only 33% of the African American women feel that these programs effectively create supportive environments. —36% feel these programs foster respect for […]