Mobile Platforms Help Job Hunt

Geography: Global Research Source: Adecco —Date: November 2015 —Findings: 65% of job seekers frequently or sometimes use a mobile device for online job searches, whereas among recruiters, this figure drops to 41% when searching for a candidate or highlighting open positions. 61% of recruiters and  job seekers (34%) use LinkedIn, whereas Facebook is the go-to network for all social […]

Larger Social Media Presence Leads To Faster Recruitment

Geography: Global Research Source: Adecco —Date: November 2015 —Findings: 41% of recruiters actively produce digital content, 29% post content directly on their own LinkedIn profile, 19% post regularly on their company’s blog or website, 6% have personal blogs and 5% post content on their personal website. 22% of job seekers refer to a personal digital profile in their CVs. […]

Recruiters Use Facebook To Complement LinkedIn

Geography: Global Research Source: Adecco —Date: November 2015 —Findings: 35% of candidates say they use social networks to contact potential employers. 31% of respondents stated they have had a company profile for more than two years on a social net work. 37% of job seekers and recruiters (25%) are still active online, but are using social media for their […]

Gen Z Value Career Growth As Most Important Aspect Of First Job

Geography: United States Research Source: Adecco —Date: May 2015 —Finding: 36% of college students ranked opportunity for career growth as the most important aspect of their first job. 19% ranked fulfilling work as the most important and 10% ranked friendly work environments. 7% ranked flexible schedules and 6% ranked highest salary. 83% of today’s students believe […]

Gen Z Is In Search For Their Dream Jobs

Geography: United States Research Source: Adecco —Date: May 2015 —Finding: 32% of Generation Zers said their greatest aspiration is to be in their dream job within 10 years. 32% of students report finding a job is their top concern and 21% are concerned about student debt and the cost of education. 53% of students report […]

College Students Say Career Growth Is Most Important Aspect Of First Job

Geography: United States Research Source: Adecco —Date: April 2015 —Findings: 70% of college students would prefer a job with high levels of stability and low levels of emotional investment than the other way around. 36% rank career growth as the most important aspect of their first professional job, making it the top aspect. 57% ranked the importance of […]

Today’s Students Prefer Stability Over Passion In A Career

Geography: United States Research Source: Adecco —Date: March 2015 —Findings: 70% of students would prefer a stable job with little emotional investment to a career full of passion but without security. 79% are optimistic about finding a job, however consider it their top concern. 69% ranked financial stability amongst their top three greatest aspirations. 36% consider career growth […]