Sponsor a Study

—One of the most effective ways to establish your company as a 21st century workplace leader is to promote new research. Sponsorship of our research reports will allow you to accomplish this goal, showcasing your company as a best place to work with a strong corporate culture. We will work with you to create a unique topic that interests you, and is inline with your company’s goals. We use a third party survey panel to capture the data and then analyze it in order to come up with findings for you or your own data that you provide. The research findings will be presented to you in advance of the study release. Finally, we conduct promotional campaigns through our extensive media network to generate ‘earned’ international publicity that will further your brand organically without the use of advertising.

—Endorsements from previous companies who have sponsored our research:

—“Their unique ability to synthesize large data sets into a compelling narrative and present the results to a wide media audience were the key to our study’s success.”
– Yair Riemer Vice President of Global Marketing, CareerArc Group

—“…we couldn’t be more pleased with the buzz…we look forward to utilizing this information to for many years to come”
– Lesly Cardec, Sr. Director, PR & Content Marketing, Randstad

—“Teaming with their group was seamless and we were delighted that they initiated this relationship.”
– Julie Shenkman, Manager, Marketing Communications, Beyond.com

—“…not only resulted in a wave of media coverage, but will also help inform our business strategy moving forward.”
– Gary Swart, Former CEO, oDesk

—Companies that have sponsored our studies have received media coverage from over 400 media outlets including:


—How sponsored research supports your organization:

  1. —Generate brand awareness and website traffic through international press, including magazines, newspapers, radio, TV, social networks and blogs.
  2. —Position your company as an industry leader on various workplace topics.
  3. —Gain a competitive advantage by understanding workplace demands before others do.

—Research capabilities

—Survey creation and analysis: Based on your goals, we can create a survey to collect data on a specific workplace-related topic. We then analyze the data and come up with new findings. As the sponsor, you will be able to review and approve at every phase of the research process. You will also co-own the data with WorkplaceTrends.com and be able to use it for other purposes.

*If you don’t have access to a panel of respondents, there will be an added expense.

—Promotional campaign: We will conduct an international media campaign based on the research findings. We will include your company’s name, a quote from your spokesperson about the release, and a link back to your website. For the campaign, we will pitch between 100 to 200 journalists, producers and bloggers from radio, TV, magazine, blog and online news sites.

—Infographic creation (Optional/Additional fee): Our design team will develop an infographic based on the results of the study that will be used in the promotional campaign. Infographics are graphic visual representations of information and allow you to tell your story better. They are also commonly picked up by major media outlets and popular blogs.

—Education (Optional/Additional fee): We will appear on-site to more thoroughly explain our findings to your managers, team leaders, and other stakeholders. The presentation will occur before the information goes public. We can also host an educational webinar in order to include your remote teams.