Q: What makes your research so valuable?

A: We invest a lot of time and money in order to find the answers to your most pressing issues. We are constantly speaking with HR leaders and business owners in order to understand where to focus our research and the types of findings that would most help them succeed. We partner with a variety of companies, including American Express, Randstad and Monster in order to identify and quantify research areas that will bring you the most value.

Q: What makes your service unique?

A: We are the only research firm that is the arbiter of all workplace research, collecting both primary data exclusive to our members, and from secondary sources from the largest consulting firms to associations to HR vendors to recruiting firms and even non-profit groups. Our goal is not to compete with any firm, but promote them and support the industry in the biggest way possible, saving you precious time and giving you the analysis and recommendations you need to sustain a competitive advantage in your industry and profession. In addition, the foundation of data we have comes from the millennials generation, which is the majority of the workforce and most influential group.

Q: Why are you solely focused on workplace trends?

A: We deeply care about improving your workplace and ensuring that you’re aware of all the trends that are impacting HR now and in the future. We realize that today’s workplace is much more complex than years ago because of trends like the economy, technology, automation and globalization. Since we specialize in workplace trends, we feel accountable for disseminating all of this information and giving you recommendations that will help your company, and your workers. We seek to be the arbiter of information for you to save you time, resources and make you more effective in your job.

Q: Why should we renew our membership each year?

A: Every year we will be releasing new product enhancements that will provide significantly more value to you. These new features will be based on our member needs and the tools we feel will help you make the best HR decisions possible. In addition, every year, the accumulation of our research investments, as well as secondary reports, make our product exponentially more important. Our sponsors invest over $100,000 in new research annually and we publish over 1,000 new trends each year so our repository will only become more valuable to you and your team.

Q: Why do you promote your competitors research?

A: Our mission is to help every HR professional in the world get smarter through our content. In order to achieve that mission, we need to promote the work of other firms that are doing extraordinary work. We don’t want to compete with other firms but instead serve as your central HR dashboard that promotes all workplace trends globally in order to enable you to make better talent related decisions. We don’t believe that we compete with other firms and instead are looking to support the entire industry through our efforts.