ERC Specialists Review

By Justine D.

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Do you need help claiming and filing for your Employee Retention Credit? ERC Specialists provides an easy and fast solution for your small business at competitive fees.

  1. 1
    The staff does not provide other financial or tax services, allowing them to concentrate on your Employee Retention Tax Credit.
  2. 2
    This specialization allows staff to maximize ERTC tax credit refunds your business may be eligible for.
  3. 3
    They offer a free analysis to discover the eligibility of your business for the Employee Retention Credit launched as part of the CARES Act Relief package.
  4. 4
    The company makes use of a four-step claims process on your company’s behalf that is simple and secure.
  5. 5
    These services come at competitive rates with options for paying at the start or having fees deducted from your refund.
  6. 6
    Clients rate the company highly for the simple solutions offered, and their communication and professionalism stand out with clients.

Who are ERC Specialists?


4.3 of 5 stars

Overview of the Company

ERC specialists is a tax service company focusing on helping small business owners like yourself with their Employee Retention Credit claims. The team can help you maximize your ERC refunds with their thorough understanding of the more than 200 pages of ERC-related tax codes.

Note: ERC specialists uses a back office partner firm called LINQQS. When you click the link to start an ERC evaluation, you will see a LINQQS qualification form.

The attorneys and tax experts here have more than 40 years of experience with payroll taxes. That experience helps all sizes of businesses claim their ERC using an easy four-step process to get these funds quickly. It is why they stand out as one of the best ERC companies you can use.

Representatives help with your ERC application and get these claims filed efficiently. Their assistance does not stop there; they communicate with you constantly until the refunds are received.


  • Secure online services
  • Quick and simple process
  • Quality customer support
  • Rates are competitive


  • Long hold times on phone possible
  • Other commercial tax credits not supported

Services Provided

This company specializes solely in Employee Retention Credit claims. Avoiding general accounting, bookkeeping, or tax preparations allows them to focus on maximizing ERC claims, a draw for many clients that worked with CPAs previously.

By concentrating on understanding and applying ERC tax codes, these specialists can determine eligibility and help file claims quickly. The process produces accurate fillings with maximum refund potential.

Customer Service

Most of the interaction clients have with ERC Specialists involves the secure company portal, where you can upload any necessary documents, get updates on your ERC refund status, or use other features.

Additional resources that clients find helpful include the company blog, a searchable knowledge base, and an FAQ section. Customers mention that email response is prompt, and specialists on the phone are courteous and resolve issues. You can also access company information and representatives on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Refund Timeline

There is a four-step process to claim your refund and it begins when you fill out an online form for eligibility. It determines if you qualify for the Employee Retention Credit.

The second step of the process involves uploading any supportive documentation onto the secure portal. Once you finish, specialists will analyze this data to verify eligibility and determine the refund amount you will receive. The team will then inform you of the amount your claim entitles you to and the fee options to proceed.

Next, you will sign an agreement for services rendered. The company forwards an amended return to the IRS. It takes between two and three weeks on average for the entire process.

Finally, you have to wait for the IRS to process your refund. Estimated backlogs are creating waits averaging 20 weeks. The IRS will issue a check, and you will gain access to your ERC refund.

Customer Ratings

The company has garnered a good reputation overall among customers using its services. Its Facebook page contains a few five-star reviews, and there are testimonials you can read on the company website. ERC Specialists has a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars rating on Google reviews from over 140 entries.

A majority of reviews are positive, with clients highlighting:

– Easy to use services

– Fast ERC filing process

– Knowledgeable and professional staff

– Great communication

ERC Specialists Complaints

While negative comments were few, clients did have two areas of concern mentioned more than once. ERC Specialists does appear to respond promptly to negative reviews. Points clients raised include:

– Long hold times on the phone 

– The percentage taken for fees

ERC Specialists Fees

We find that the fees charged run between 10% and 15%, which is standard among companies offering these services. The differences are based on when you decide to pay the fee itself.

You get billed 10% on upfront payments or 15% if you have it taken from the refund. It is worth noting that the company offers a complete money-back guarantee on the upfront option if the IRS withholds the ERC for any reason.

Note: ERC specialists uses a back office partner firm called LINQQS. When you click the link to start an ERC evaluation, you will see a LINQQS qualification form.

What Makes This Company Stand Out?

If you are looking for a generalized accounting or tax solution, this company may not be the service provider you need. They specialize in filing ERC claims, offering services intended to verify qualifications, file claims accurately, and receive maximum refunds on behalf of their customers.

ERC Specialists offers several advantages for those needing help with the Employee Retention Credit small business are entitled to after the recently mandated shutdowns. Some of the things the company provides clients include resources like:

1. A Free Eligibility Screening and Calculation Analysis:

They will do a free analysis to calculate your eligibility and ERC. It is a no-obligation service, and the company offers its fees after if you wish to use them for filling an ERC claim.

2. Their Secure Online Portal: 

Clients get access to a special portal. It is secure and allows you to upload records or access things like Form 941-X.

3. Continuously Updated Status:

You can log in to the company website for an up-to-date status on your refunds.

4. Potentially Higher Refunds:

Experience and focus matter. This firm can average 10-20% higher returns on claims than less-experienced CPAs when working with the ERC program.

5. Additional Resources:

The company website provides extra resources to help you better understand the Employee Retention Credit program. These include a breakdown of program requirements, an FAQ section, and blogs focusing on this program within the CARES Act Relief package.

Final Thoughts: Is ERC Specialists Legit?

The company is proficient in its area of expertise.They work with any size of business that paid employees in 2020-2021 to see if they qualify for ERC refunds.

The company does not offer financial services like accounting, bookkeeping, or other tax services. But if you need a company to help maximize ERC returns from the 200-plus pages of related tax code, this company can help. They provide an easy and efficient process at competitive rates.

The company has received high praise from customer reviews, helping it build a solid reputation. Clients rave about the easy refund process, knowledgeable specialists, and good communication. Comments from clients saying they did not qualify or had lower calculated refunds from others showcase positive experiences with this firm.

Its reputation helps it stand out as one of the better ERC companies on our list. If you are ready to see if you qualify for ERC, start your free ERC analysis with ERC Specialists by clicking here, or the “Learn More” button below. 

Note: After clicking the link, you will see the LINQQS qualification form, the back office company that ERC Specialists partners with. 

Overall Grade: A-

4.6 of 5 stars

  • Fast application
  • No-cost analysis
  • Discount options


1. Is ERC specialists a legitimate company?

Yes, ERC Specialists are legit. It operates out of Utah, but its services are available nationwide.

2. What fees do they charge?

The company charges 10-15% fees, depending on payment method. A 10% fee gets applied to those paying before they receive their refund. If you choose to wait until the refund processes, ERC Specialists will charge a 15% fee (these are competitive to other ERC company charges).

3. How can ERC Specialists help my business?

The company focuses on helping business owners like you with their Employee Retention Tax Credit. They can accurately calculate your refund amount and file an amended tax return on your behalf. That allows you to collect money owed to you by the IRS.

4. How do they work?

It is a company that specializes in helping small businesses file claims for Employee Retention Credit (ERC). They understand ERC tax codes, allowing them to file for maximum returns on behalf of client businesses like yours.

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