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By Justine D.

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ERC Pros is a tax service company created to help businesses like yours with Employee Retention Tax Credits. These specialized services are offered through a company created by experienced CPAs and lawyers, but are they right for your small business?

  1. 1
    The company helps businesses of any size with Employee Retention Tax Credit claims.
  2. 2
    ERC Pros will help determine if your business is eligible for ERC refunds and use a basic ERC calculator to determine the potential refund amount, free of charge.
  3. 3
    Specialists consist of attorneys and CPAs with the knowledge and training to keep you tax compliant.
  4. 4
    Feedback indicates good overall customer support, with the only consistent issue expressing difficulty contacting specialists on the phone.
  5. 5
    ERC Pros provides limited upfront information on fees or its refund process.

What is ERC Pros?


4.3 of 5 stars

Overview of the Company

The company focuses on helping businesses nationwide navigate the 200-plus pages of complex ERC tax codes, determining eligibility, calculating refunds, and filing for this specialized return. ERC Pros fuses experienced attorneys and CPAs that can help you maximize your return in a compliance-focused manner.

The company charges a fee to assist in determining if you qualify for an ERC refund and filing a claim to receive it. This service is ideal for any business struggling with the application process or calculating their Employee Retention Credit refund amounts. You also get the help needed to keep you within compliance with the technical tax codes used for ERC refunds.

ERC Pros offer a no-commitment free analysis to determine your company’s refund eligibility when you sign up. However, they offer little additional information on fees or their process for filing your claim.


  • Free analysis and calculator
  • Services are tax compliant
  • Solid customer support


  • Company is not transparent with pricing
  • ERC Pros offers minimal information about its process

Services Provided

The sole focus of ERC Pros is helping with Employee Retention Credit tax claims and refunds. It does not offer customers other accounting, bookkeeping, or financial services.

You will receive assistance with refund eligibility, calculations, and retroactive filing with the IRS. A team of experienced CPAs and lawyers provide the expertise needed to get maximum refunds while staying within tax code regulations.

Customer Service

The company has several ways to establish direct contact, including email support, website service to chat with a live agent and phone. Previous clients have noted that EPC Pros team members provide professional service by being courteous, demonstrating knowledge, and working to answer all questions.

Areas customers highlight as needing improvement include the challenge of getting through to someone on the phone. You may notice a lack of additional resources on the company website, like a searchable knowledge-base or a list of FAQs. More details describing the filing process would also improve a potential client’s experience on the ERC Pros website.

Refund Timeline

The five-step process used by ERC Pros starts by analyzing your business to determine if it qualifies for the Employee Retention Tax Credit refund. You will work with experienced and trained CPAs throughout the refund process, including this stage.

After determining eligibility, specialists will help calculate a preliminary refund amount. ERC Pros go over any necessary documentation to verify this total, making adjustments where necessary. The CPAs working on your ERC refund finalize the amount owed to you and prepare the proper amended return.

ERC Pros then files the return on behalf of your business, working with the IRS until you receive your return. Based on processing timeframes from similar ERC services, we estimate it will take approximately two weeks to complete and file the necessary paperwork.

It will take 20 weeks or longer to process your amended return and issue a check after ERC Pros file on your company’s behalf. You should note that the IRS established the 20-plus week waiting period, and ERC Pros has no control over it.

ERC Pros does not disclose the same amount of information as other services specializing in ERC refunds. The company provides a simplistic overview of the process used, but they do not offer a timeline for their work on your behalf. We can only give you an educated guess based on customer reviews that indicate overall satisfaction with efficiency and speed.

Customer Ratings

ERC Pros does not have as many customer reviews as their competitors specializing in these ERC refunds and they only have a 3.6 out of 5.0 stars rating on Google, compiled from over 67 reviews. 

ERC Pros Complaints

Clients left enough negative feedback to warrant inclusion here. Issues brought up that detracted from customer experience with ERC Pros include:

– Minimal communication during the process

– The frustration some felt when trying to contact by phone

– The unwanted robo and spam calls clients received

ERC Pros Fees

We were unable to locate information on the fees that ERC Pros charges. The only things disclosed are that the company offers a free eligibility analysis and a basic calculation of potential ERC refund amounts. You can discuss claim fees with a specialist if you use ERC Pros to file a retroactive claim.

Features About This Company

What a company can off your business is crucial when distinguishing it from other ERC-related services. ERC Pros provides its customers with things like:

1. No charge/obligation analysis: 

ERC Pros will help determine if your business qualifies for ERC refunds for free without committing to any services.

2. An ERC refund calculator:

The company provides an ERC calculator on its website. It is a generalized feature that estimates the refund you might receive from the IRS before going forward using ERC Pros.

3. Staff with experience and training:

ERC Pros team members include attorneys and CPAs that understand tax law.

4. Staying compliant when filing:

The tax code for Employee Retention Tax Credits exceeds 200 pages and can be confusing for many businesses to navigate. Team members will keep your claim compliant while maximizing potential refunds.

Final Thoughts: Is ERC Pros Legit?

This company provides ERC refund services for all businesses, focusing on remaining tax compliant throughout calculating and filing. It employs experienced and trained attorneys and CPAs, providing a less-complicated ERC refund process. ERC Pros provides a free analysis and maintains an overall positive client rating, but you may find it challenging to reach agents on the phone.

There are many areas that ERC Pros could work on, however. We could not find any upfront information about the fees the company charges or when the payment is due. The process used to calculate, amend, and file lacks transparency. 

Outside of the generalized ERC calculator, the company does not provide additional client resources that we could find. ERC Pros does not offer customers any accounting, bookkeeping, or financial services beyond ERC refunds. This minimalist approach stands in contrast to some ERC-focused services.

They also only have a 3.6 out of 5 rating on Google, which leaves much to be desired. All in all, ERC pros is a solid company but there are much better options for you. 

Below, we have listed the top 3 ERC firm alternatives to ERC Pros. The number one option, ERC Specialists has an overall 4.67 rating with hundreds of reviews across all review platforms. Most of our readers choose them for ERC filing because they have experience, proof of success, and hundreds of reviews.


4.6 of 5 stars

  • Fast application
  • No-cost analysis
  • Discount options

4.3 of 5 stars

  • 4.6/5 BBB Rating
  • Secure application
  • Bridge loans available

4.1 of 5 stars

  • 4.6/5 Trust Pilot Rating
  • Competitive Rates
  • Transparent Fees


1. Is ERC Pros a legitimate company?

Yes, it is a legitimate service. The company operates from Orem, Utah.

2. What do they offer?

ERC Pros helps businesses calculate and file Employee Retention Tax Credit refunds.

3. What fees do they charge?

They do not provide information about fees. You speak to a specialist about charges once the free analysis calculates your eligibility.

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