Corporate Credentialing Gains Momentum

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Author: Charles Silvestro

Source: LinkedIn

Date: July 2016

Now this is getting interesting. Microsoft has joined the ranks of Google in the field of professional education by offering a Microsoft Professional Degree program in Data Science. Both have partnered with well know Massive Open Online Course providers, Google with Udacity and Microsoft with EdX. The capstone project for the Microsoft degree allows students to demonstrate what they learned by taking the form of a challenge on Microsoft’s Cortana (personal assistant) Intelligence platform. Submissions are then tested and scored to determine their grade.

Higher education disruption here and now
Students build real skills with a recognized and legitimate credential that can land them job at a fraction of the time and cost of a university degree. Google, Microsoft, and soon others, build their reputation as experts in their field while creating a pipeline to fill needed jobs. This is exciting! TechCrunch