Connecting Higher Education To The Workplace

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Geography: United States

—Research Source: IBM

—Date: December 2015


  • 94% of U.S parents expect their children to go to college. However, 75% of Americans believe that college is too expensive for the average family, and almost 60% believe colleges fail to provide a good value for the money.
  • Only 49% of industry and academic leaders believe higher education meets student needs. 41% believe it meets industry needs.
  • Only 43% across industry and academia believe higher education prepares students with necessary workforce skills.


Higher Education is struggling to keep pace with the changing world. Economic and technological changes are disrupting industries and business models, dramatically affecting the value of the workers’ skills. The answer this dilemma in higher education will not be found in incremental improvements. Rather the system requires a fundamental overhaul. The system needs to prioritize creation of more practical and applies curricula, embrace new technologies, and build and expand relations between institutions and employers.