Women Are The Backbone Of The Global Labor Force

Geography: Global Research Source: Pew Research Center Date: March 2017 Findings:  Women make up at least 40% of the workforce in more than 80 countries. Across 114 countries the median female share of the workforce is 45.4%. In the United States, women account for 46.8% of the labor force, a share that is projected to fall slightly in the […]

The Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Geography: United States —Research Source: Career Builder —Date: November 2016 —Findings:  47 percent of employers say they have hired a veteran in the last year. 31% of employers have hired veterans that returned from active duty within the last three years. 37 percent of employers say they will actively recruit for veterans over the next 12 months […]

Working Mothers Want To Care And Work But Are Ofter Forced To Choose

Geography: United States —Research Source:  Gallup —Date: October 2016 —Findings: Only 35% of female employees are engaged in their jobs, and nearly 50% of women say they are looking for or considering new jobs. 48% of female employees say they are actively looking for a different job or watching for new opportunities. 60% of women rate greater work-life […]

Why Is Are Countries Holding Out On Family Leave

Geography: Global —Research Source: Pew Research Center —Date: September 2016 —Findings: In 46% of two-parent households, both parents now work full-time, and in 40% of all families with children, the mother is the sole or primary breadwinner. In Japan, almost 50% of all of the available paid leave for new parents – 30 weeks – is earmarked for new […]

Understanding The Need For Greater Work Safety Practices

Geography: United States —Research Source: National Public Radio, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health —Date: September 2016 —Findings: 40% of working adults say they often or sometimes face potentially dangerous situations in their current work. 25% of working adults say their workplace is not actively working to reduce these dangerous conditions. 52% […]

Employee Are Creating Potential Security Risks For Employers

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Arlington Research —Date: August 2016 —Findings: 13% let their colleagues use a device that can access their employer’s network. 9% allow their partners to access such a device, and one percent even permit their children to use such a device.  20% of employees sharing their work email password, and 12% sharing passwords to other work […]

Creating A Safer Workplace For Tomorrow

—Geography: United States —Research Source: NPR —Date: July 2016 —Findings: 45% of workers in low-paying jobs say they ever face potentially dangerous situations at work, compared to 33% of workers in high-paying jobs. 51% of workers in low-paying jobs say their job has a bad impact on their stress level (compared to 41% of workers in average- and […]

Don’t Punish Smokers, Help Them Quit

Geography: United States —Research Source: SHRM —Date: May 2016 —Findings:   30% of HR professionals indicated their organizations’ smoking policies limited the number of smoking breaks employees could take daily. 54% of HR professionals indicated their organizations provided wellness information on the benefits of a smoke-free lifestyle; 18% reported their organizations imposed smoking surcharges (i.e., charges a higher healthcare […]

Working Towards A Smoke Free Workplace

Geography: United States —Research Source: SHRM —Date: May 2016 —Findings:   53% of HR professionals indicated their organizations permitted smoking in the workplace. 85% of organizations indicated their organizations had a formal, written smoking policy in place; few indicated their organizations had an informal, unwritten smoking policy (8%) or a no smoking policy at all (7%). —Recommendations: With […]

How The Workplace Environment Effects Productivity

Geography: United States —Research Source: Future Workplace and Beyond.com —Date: April 2016 —Findings:  Over 78% of respondents states the sense of purpose they feel about their work is one of the top three factors that positively impacts their work. Only 12.6% of workers say that the food and drinks provided by their office positively impact their work day. 55.1% […]