The Need For Paternity And Elder Care Leave

Geography: United States Research Source: Pew Reseach Center Date: April 2017 Findings:  While most Americans support paid leave in each of these situations, about one-in-seven (15%) say men shouldn’t be able to take paternity leave at all, paid or unpaid. Just 3% say women shouldn’t be able to take any type of maternity leave, while 5% say […]

How Stress Is Affecting You At Work And At Home

Geography: United States Research Source: Paychex Date: April 2017 Findings:  Over 80 percent of survey participants told us the biggest point of stress at work was the time they missed out on at home. 79 percent also admitted feeling stressed when they thought about saving up for a nice vacation rather than going out. 43 percent of employees […]

Scheduled Flexability Boosts Employee Productivity

Geography: United States Research Source: Gallup Date: April 2017 Findings:  The optimal engagement boost occurs when employees spend 60% to less than 80% of their workweek — or three to four days — working off-site. In 2012 the optimal engagement boost occurred when employees spent less than 20% of their time working remotely. On the other hand, […]

Millennials Flock To DC Just To Leave

Geography: United States Research Source: American University’s Kogod School of Business & Kogod Greater Washington Millennial Index Date: March 2017 Findings:  Only 9% of Millennials say they will definitely not leave in the next five years. Two-thirds of Washington’s 20- and 30-somethings said they would consider moving out of the area for the right job. Arlington residents were most […]

5.5% Pay Jump For CEO’s

Geography: United States Research Source: Compensation Advisory Partners, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Date: March 2017 Findings:  Chief executive officers saw their pay packages grow by a median of 5.5 percent from the prior year. That compares with the 2.8 percent increase in December from a year earlier for average hourly earnings of private non-farm employees. Recommendations:   While the executive […]

How to Stay Valued as a Remote Worker

Geography: United States Research Source: Fortune Date: March 2017 Findings:  Nearly three out of every four employees say their company offers flexible work, and about a third telecommute regularly. 79% of employees said they work with at least one person who isn’t based in the same office as them Over 50% of employees fear being judged harshly by their […]

The Burden of Employee Burnout for Companies

Geography: United States Research Source: Quartz Media Date: March 2017 Findings:  Burnout is responsible for up to 50% of all employee attrition. Between 2000 and 2014, productivity increased by 21.6%, yet wages grew by only 1.8%. More than half of employees left vacation time unused in 2015 because they couldn’t find the time to take them due to a […]

Human Resources May Become A Little Less Human Soon

Geography: United States Research Source: CareerBuilder Date: March 2017 Findings:  72% of employers expect that some roles within talent acquisition and human capital management will become completely automated within the next 10 years. 34% of employers don’t use technology automation for recruiting candidates, 44% don’t automate onboarding and 60% don’t automate human capital management activities for employees. Of […]

High Emotional Intelligence Creates Better Leaders

Geography: The United States and Canada —Research Source: Office Team —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  Nearly all human resources (HR) managers (95%) and workers (99%) say it’s important for employees to have a high emotional quotient, or EQ because it helps them manage their emotions and understand and react to the emotions of others. 21% of employees believe EQ is more […]

Workplace Transparency Among Co-Workers Drives Productivity

Geography: United States —Research Source: BetterWorks —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  64% of employees believe their company’s leadership isn’t completely transparent when communicating top goals 37% said that greater visibility of company and employee goals would spur their performance 92% of employees said they’d work harder if their co-workers could see their goals Nearly one-third of women (32%) believe […]