Women Should Be More Confident In Themselves At Work

Geography: United States  Source: DDI and The Conference Board Date: March 2016 Findings: Men are 16% more inquisitive than women, possibly due to their tendency to gravitate towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers that reinforce inquiry. 13% high in interpersonal sensitivity, gives women an advantage over men in cultures where leaders are valued for demeanor and interactions with […]

Redefining An Aging Organizational Structure

Geography: Global —Research Source: Deloitte —Date: March 2016 —Findings: 92% of executives see the need to redesign employee engagement and retention, improve leadership, and build a meaningful culture. 45% of respondents report their companies are either in the middle of a restructuring (39%) or planning one (6%). Only 14% of executives believe their companies are ready to […]

Using Employees Feedback To Create A Dynamic Workplace

Geography: Global —Research Source: Deloitte —Date: March 2016 —Findings: 86% of executives cited cultural development as an important or very important issue in the future of their company. 12% of leader believe their companies are driving the “right culture,” compared to 10% in 2015. Yet only 28% report that they understand their organization’s culture. 85% of executives ranked […]

Overcoming Barriers To Creating Stakeholder Balance

Geography: Global —Research Source: PWC —Date: February 2016 —Findings:  45% of CEOs  say additional cost of doing business are a barrier to responding to stakeholder expectations. 42% of CEOs stated that compliance with unclear or inconsistent regulations cause costs to rise, which are often passed onto the customers via higher prices. 31% of CEOs do not think that customers […]

Using Technology To Better Understand Stakeholders

Geography: Global —Research Source: PWC —Date: February 2016 —Findings:  51% of CEOs see technology as as the best way to assess and deliver on changing customer expectations. 24% of CEOs feel they don’t have enough information about what customers or other stakeholders want. 68% of CEOs back the power of data and analytics to deliver these results and 65% […]

Customers And Clients Are Top Priority For CEOs

Geography: Global —Research Source: PWC —Date: February 2016 —Findings:  90% of CEOs indicating say customers have a high or very high impact on their business strategy. This is followed closely by government and regulators (69%). 67% of CEOs sited industry competitors and peers as key factors that effect a company’s organizational strategy. This no doubt reflects CEOs’ enduring concerns […]

Building Trust to Garner Significant Benefits

Geography: Global —Research Source: PWC —Date: February 2016 —Findings:  55% of CEOs surveyed are concerned about the lack of trust in business today – compared with 37% just three years ago. CEOs in Africa (39%) and Asia Pacific (31%) are more likely to say that their customers seek out organisations that address the needs of a wider set of stakeholders […]

Praise Is Important To Employee Morale

Geography: United States —Research Source: Harvard Business Review  —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  63% of respondents say that not recognizing employe achievements prevents effective leadership. 58% of respondents say not giving clear directions prevents effective leadership along with 52% claiming not having enough time wth employees. 80% of individuals who were praised within the last month say they’re satisfied with […]

Candidates Still Prefer In-person Interviews

Geography: United States —Research Source:  ManpowerGroup Solutions —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  72% selected an in-person interview with a hiring manager as their preferred format over all others. 16% of candidates are ok with and initial phone screening interview with a recruiter, but still prefer face to face interaction for the actual interview. Only .5% of candied prefer submitting a […]

Creating Proper A Meeting Atmosphere

Geography: United States —Research Source: Igloo —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  76% of respondent say meetings that aren’t necessary, meetings not staying on topic (59%), and people repeating what someone already said (58%), are all pet peeves employees have reacted to in-person meetings. Only 2% of employees do not have any pet peeves related to in-person meetings. 60% of males […]