Nextgen Work: A New Era Of Work In Built Around Flexibility And Balance

Geography: Global Research Source: ManpowerGroup Date: October 2017 Findings:  Eighty-seven percent of people are open to NextGen Work – NextGen work is a choice (81 percent) not the last resort (19 percent) Boosting their bank account (38 percent), developing new skills (33 percent) and having more control over their schedule (32 percent) are top reasons why NextGen Work – […]

How The Pace Of Technological Change Is A Barrier For Many Tech Companies

Geography: United States Research Source: Business Wire Date: October 2017 Findings: 27% agree that their organization is actively helping reskill employees affected by automation and re-tasking them to other work. 36% of respondents agree that their organization has the talent needed to deliver their future business strategy. 75% of respondents agree their organization has the talent needed […]

Building A Responsible Working Environment

Geography: United States Research Source: American Working Conditions Survey Date: October 2017 Findings: 80% of Americas have steady and predictable work throughout the year, but fewer individuals work the same number of hours on a day-to-day basis (54%). Nearly 75% of Americans report either intense or repetitive physical exertion on the job at least one-quarter of the time. Nearly […]

Knowing The Mental Health Of Your Organization

Geography: United States Research Source: Deloitte Date: October 2017 Findings: 84% of employees have experienced physical, psychological, or behavioral symptoms of poor mental health where work was a contributing factor. While 60% of board members and senior managers believe their organization supports people with mental health issues, only 11% discussed a mental health problem with their line […]

The Disparity Between Salaried and Hourly Workers’ Satisfaction

Geography: United States Research Source: Gallup Date: September 2017 Findings: 29% of hourly workers are completely satisfied with their pay.  41% of salaried workers completely satisfied with their pay. Nearly three-quarters of each group have good relationships with coworkers. The largest differences were seen on vacation time, retirement plans. Recommendations: It’s no shock that salaried workers are more […]

Millennial Workplace Preferences and Expectations

Geography: United States Research Source: Comparably Date: September 2017 Findings: 19% of workers 18 to 35 say they think their job will be replaced by a robot in the next 10 years. 23% of men and women aged 18 to 35 say they feel their gender has held them back in their careers. 32% of workers aged 18 […]

Facts Surrounding Students Loans

Geography: United States Research Source: Pew Research Center Date: September 2017 Findings: Among adults ages 18 to 29, 37% say they have outstanding student loans for their education. Roughly one-in-five adults ages 30 to 44 (22%) have student loan debt, as do 4% of those 45 and older. Only 7% of current borrowers have at least $100,000 […]

Firing Workers Via Text

Geography: United States Research Source: Cyberlink Date: September 2017 Findings: One in 13 workers would prefer to be fired over text or instant message instead of having the conversation in-person. For millennial employees, the number increased to one in eight workers. 37% of millennial working Americans say they would prefer to ask a quick work-related question over text or […]

The Changing Skill Sets For The Future Of Work

Geography: United States Research Source: World Economic Forum Date: September 2017 Findings: 36% of all jobs across all industries are expected to require complex problem-solving as one of their core skills. 52% of jobs expected to require a higher degree cognitive abilities (such as creativity, logical reasoning and problem sensitivity) in 2020 do not yet do so today. […]

Summer Hiring Stays Hot

Geography: United States Research Source: LinkedIn Date: September 2017 Findings: Hiring across the U.S. was 12.1% higher in June than in June 2016. May and June 2017 were the two strongest months for hiring in the U.S. since the summer of 2015. The industries that experienced the biggest year-over-year increase in hiring in June are oil and energy […]