The Uncertainty Of Remote Work

Geography: United States Research Source: The Atlantic Date: October 2017 Recommendations: The discussion surrounding remote work contains conflicting sides. Where some studies suggest that letting employees work from home makes them more productive, there are others that suggest the opposite. The truth is that there is no concrete answer, and the effectiveness of remote work can often vary from […]

The Affect Of AI On Jobs And Critical Skillets

Geography: United States Research Source: PwC Date: November 2017 Findings: In a Global Survey of over 10,000 members of the general public, 73% think technology can never replace the human mind. 37% are worried about automation putting jobs at risk – up from 33% in 2014. 60% think ‘few people will have stable, long-term employment in the future’. Recommendations: […]

Younger Generations Are Impacting Senior Decisions

Geography: United States Research Source: Forbes, Wharton Executive Education, Weber Shandwick Date: October 2017 Findings: Millennials, born 1980 to 1995, recently became the largest segment of the U.S. labor market at 34% and greatest share of the U.S. population (24%). 87% of Millennials believe that success should be measured by more than just financial performance which requires a […]

Millennials Value Business Ethics, But Are Also The Most Likely To Admit Unethical Practices

Geography: United States Research Source: Yahoo Finance, Aflac Date: November 2017 Findings: 25% of all consumers revealed that they were asked to do something unethical by their employer. 19% of consumers say that they have behaved unethically at work, whether they were asked to by their employer or not. 47% of millennials admit to actually complying with […]

Millennials are Looking For Fulfillment, Not Material Wealth

Geography: United States Research Source: Business Wire Date: October 2017 Findings: 62% of American millennials describe themselves as very “happy” and 65% say their life is “meaningful.” 69% say they want to get over their “anxiety” about money, and only a third say they are “satisfied” with their financial life. 88% say they see success as more […]

Outsourcing HR In 2017

Geography: United States Research Source: Prism HR Date: October 2017 Findings:  

The Public’s View On America’s Biggest Advancements

Geography: United States Research Source: Pew Research Date: October 2017 Findings: Technology was cited the biggest improvement to life in the past 50 years with 42% of respondents. 14% of respondents cited medicine and health as the biggest improvement in the past 50 years. 10% said civil and equal rights were the best improvement. Findings: As most […]

Working Variable Hours And Its Implications On Satisfaction

Geography: United States Research Source: Gallup Date: October 2017 Findings: 67% of those working variable hours say their hours don’t cause hardship. A solid majority are satisfied with the hours they work weekly. 52% prefer their hours to vary; 44% prefer a consistent number of hours. Recommendations: According to this research from Gallup, about one in six U.S. […]

America Is Behind In Work-Life Balance

Geography: United States Research Source: eDreams Date: October 2017 Findings: Over half of Americans (52%) admit that a ‘planned strategic work pause’ would improve their mental health.  43% of Americans (53% men and 37% women) believe that taking a sabbatical would make them more employable.  On average, U.S. workers receive half the paid vacation time (10-12 days) […]

Take Advantage Of A Stress Reducing Digital Detox

Geography: United States Research Source: APA Date: October 2017 Findings: 86% of Americans report that they constantly or often check their email, texts and social media accounts. While 94% of parents say that they take at least one action to manage their child’s technology usage during the school year. 48% of parents say that regulating their child’s […]