Technology Is Taking Over A Large Portion Of Training Delivery

Geography: United States —Research Source: ATD —Date: December 2016 —Findings:  Per-employee spending increased in 2015 to an average of $1,252 per employee (from $1,229 in 2014). 28% of direct learning expenditures went to outsourced or external activities. Direct expenditure as a percent of payroll increased from 4 to 4.3 percent. Employees averaged 33.5 hours of training in 2015, […]

The Power Of Recognition Others On Oneself

Geography: United States —Research Source: O.C. Tanner —Date: December 2016 —Findings:  42% of employees say they have given another employee recognition at work within the past week. 71% of employees say they have given another employee recognition at work within the past month. 76% of employees believe everyone has the opportunity to be recognized at their organization. 78% of […]

Companies Stall Compensation Bidding In 2017

Geography: United States —Research Source: Aon Hewitt —Date: December 2016 —Findings:  Base pay is expected to be 3% in 2017, up slightly from 2.8% in 2016. Spending on variable pay is expected to be 12.8% of payroll—unchanged from 2016. 52% of U.S. workers said they are open to new job opportunities and 44% are actively looking for a […]

Baby Boomers Still Have Some Fight Left In Them

Geography: United States —Research Source: WSJ —Date: December 2016 —Findings:  Workers age 50 or older now comprise 33.4% of the U.S. labor force, up from 25% in 2002. And more than 60% of workers age 65 or older now hold full-time positions, up from 44% in 1995.  1.4% of job seekers in their early to mid 50s landed […]

Transforming The Office Into A Productive Environment

Geography: United States —Research Source: Staples —Date: December 2016 —Findings:  70% of Americans are working more than 40 hours a week and suffering from burnout. Nearly 50% of workers state feeling overworked is motivating them to look for a new job. 62% say wellness programs are a selling point when looking for a new job, but only 35% actually have […]

Millennials Are Excited To Relocate To Advance Their Career

Geography: Global —Research Source: Wakefield Research —Date: December 2016 —Findings:   84% of Millennials are willing to relocate for a job, and 82% believe they will be required to relocate if they want to advance their careers. More than 80% would be willing to take a pay cut if necessary to relocate to a dream destination; 71% would be willing […]

Low Unemployment Rate Leads To Candidate Confidence

Geography: United States —Research Source: Gallup —Date: December 2016 —Findings:  43% of Americans currently say now is a good time to find a quality job. This percentage, from a Gallup poll conducted right after the election, is essentially the same as the 42% recorded in October and about average for the measure since early 2015. Recommendations: With all […]

Sometimes One Job Is Enough…

Geography: Global —Research Source:  Career Advisory Board —Date: December 2016 —Findings:  91% of millennials surveyed reported they would like to work at a single full-time job. 81% of respondents who prefer a single full-time position, an overwhelming number didn’t mind going into an office, but would like some location flexibility (59%). 22% of respondents said they prefer to […]

Don’t Let Outdated Recruiting Tools Lessen Your Chances Of Finding Top Talent

Geography: Global —Research Source: Phenom People —Date: December 2016 —Findings:  Only half (49%) of companies surveyed have a talent experience optimized for mobile and desktop browsers. Just 30% of career sites employ predictive search methods. Only four in 100 companies recommend jobs to visitors based on their browsing history. 71% of companies do not allow returning applicants to resume […]

Millennials May Not Want To Be In Leadership Positions But Rather Be Their Own Leaders

Geography: Global —Research Source:  ManpowerGroup —Date: November 2016 —Findings:  Only 17% of Millennials in the United States ranked leadership as a top career goal. This figure includes: managing others (4%), getting to the top of an organization (4%) and owning my own company (9%). In 24 of 25 countries men consider reaching leadership roles — managing others, getting to […]