American’s Top Financial Concerns For 2017

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Employee Engagement in Finance Study

Want complete access to our database of research and insights? _______________________________________________________________________________________ Study Finds Employee Engagement Critical to Fixing The Financial Industry CHELMSFORD, Mass., May 15, 2017 —The financial services industry is experiencing a stronger need to prioritize its focus on workplace culture to better attract and retain talent, according to a new survey commissioned by Kronos […]

The Changing Workplace and Its Impact on the Employee Experience

Remote work and flexible schedules have impacted the in-office workspace as much as it has the workforce. Employees now go into the office for specific reasons, and how they use the workspace is different from employee to employee. In this interview with Jeanne Meister and Kevin Mulcahy, co-authors of the book The Future Workplace Experience: 10 […]

The Future Workplace Experience

  Disruptive Technologies. The Gig Economy. Breadwinner Moms. Data Driven Recruiting. Personalized Learning.   In a business landscape rocked by constant change and turmoil, companies like Airbnb, Cisco, GE Digital, Google, IBM and Microsoft are re-inventing the future of work. What is it that makes these companies so different? They’re strategic, they’re agile, and they’re […]

Providing Stability for Gig Workers

By Billy Cripe, CMO of Field Nation A recent Field Nation survey found that 86% of freelance workers intentionally chose to freelance. An overwhelming 96% of those surveyed are dedicated to the success of their business and the success of their customer’s business. Almost 90% of these workers said they had a sense of purpose, […]

The Blended Workforce is the Future Workforce

By Billy Cripe, CMO of Field Nation Technology has reshaped the workplace as on-demand and on-site companies have proliferated. The gig economy — markets that match providers to consumers on-demand — and the contingent workforce have challenged the traditional definitions of employment. It is changing the way work gets done, and macroeconomic forces are helping […]

Companies Rein In CEO Rewards

Geography: Global Source: SHRM Date: March 2016 Findings: 17% of CEOs and 21% of other NEOsto excise tax gross-up payments—provided by a company to make an executive “whole” by covering tax liability related to change-in-control payments—continues to drop. 93% of companies that currently provide a tax gross-up or modified gross-up payment have indicated that they intend to phase […]

Gen Z Provides Insights On Future Technology Usage

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The Importance Of Building Strong Leadership

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Millennial Want More Control Over There Online Security

Geography: United Kingdom & United States Research Source: Atomik Research —Date: December 2015 —Findings  44% of respondents believed there will be an eventual decline in data sharing and 36 per cent predicted demands for action. 54% felt the failure of companies and governments to adequately protect identities and data would result in public distrust of goods and services. Recommendations: […]