Five Talks On Simplicity And Change

Tom Wujec: Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast Tom Wujec studies how we share and absorb information. He’s an innovative practitioner of business visualization — using design and technology to help groups solve problems and understand ideas. Tom Wujec is a Fellow at Autodesk, the makers of design software for […]

Five Enlightening Talks From Leaders

Nigel Marsh: How to make work-life balance work Nigel Marsh is best known for his creative pursuits. As well as the author of three books, Fit, Fifty and Fired-Up, Fat, Forty and Fired and Overworked and Underlaid. He’s the chairman of strategic research consultancy The Leading Edge and the co-founder of the energy-saving movement Earth […]

Five Inspirational Talks From Today’s Leaders

Jessica Shortall: The US needs paid family leave — for the sake of its future With a track record of delivering results in fast-moving and often low-resource environments, Jessica is passionate about finding the sweet spot of business success, long term brand- and movement-building, risk mitigation, and social impact. She was Director of Social Innovation […]

Giving Thanks to Five Leaders

Roselinde Torres: What It Takes To Be A Great Leader Roselinde Torres has spent 25 years of her professional life observing what it takes to make great leaders. She has worked inside Fortune 500 companies, advised over 200 CEOs, and cultivated numerous leadership pipelines. She left her job and traveled the world to learn about […]