Tool: Help teams determine their own needs

Source: Re:Work  Date: September 2016 Beyond just communicating the study results, the Google research team wanted to empower Googlers to understand the dynamics of their own teams and offer tips for improving. So they created a survey for teams to take and discuss amongst themselves. Survey items focused on the five effectiveness pillars and questions […]

Forward Thinking Ideas For Future Focused Individuals

Sal Khan: Let’s teach for mastery — not test scores Salman “Sal” Khan is the founder and chief executive officer of Khan Academy, a not-for-profit with a mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy started as a passion project in 2004. Khan’s cousin was struggling with math, so he tutored […]

Infographic: Gen Z & Millennials Collide @ Work

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Seeing Yourself Through Social Media

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How Jobs Will Survive The Future And The Advancement Of Technology

Martin Reeves: How to build a business that lasts 100 years Martin Reeves is the Director of the BCG Henderson Institute, BCG’s think tank for new ideas in strategy and management, and a Senior Partner based in New York City. Reeves has been with the firm for 26 years and focuses on strategy, dividing his […]

How To Be Aware Of Our Ever Changing Future

Andrew McAfee: What will future jobs look like? Andrew McAfee studies the ways that information technology (IT) affects businesses, business as a whole, and the larger society. His research investigates how IT changes the way companies perform, organize themselves and compete. At a higher level, his work also investigates how computerization affects competition, society, the […]

Organizations Are Digitally Maturing As Technology Grows

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It’s Time To rethink Historically Sound Practices

Leila Hoteit: 3 lessons on success from an Arab businesswoman Dr. Leila Hoteit is a partner and managing director at BCG, based in Dubai. She leads the education and human capital development work in the Middle East. Dr. Hoteit’s career spans over 13 years in the management consulting industry. As part of her assignments, Dr. […]

Tech Companies Are Being Forced To Find Cheaper Rents

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Our Way Of Thinking Cannot Be Set In Stone

Julia Galef: Why you think you’re right — even if you’re wrong Julia Galef co-founded the Center for Applied Rationality, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping people improve their reasoning and decision-making, particularly with the aim of addressing global problems. Julia’s background is originally in statistics, and she did social science research at Columbia and […]