Millennials Flock To DC Just To Leave

Geography: United States Research Source: American University’s Kogod School of Business & Kogod Greater Washington Millennial Index Date: March 2017 Findings:  Only 9% of Millennials say they will definitely not leave in the next five years. Two-thirds of Washington’s 20- and 30-somethings said they would consider moving out of the area for the right job. Arlington residents were most […]

The Average American Spends $3,300 Per Year To Get To Work

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Harris Poll —Date: June 2016 —Findings: The average amount of money people spend to go to work each month is $276, or around $3,300 per year. 81% of respondents say they did not incur any costs the last time they looked for a new job; but, of those who did incur costs, many […]

The United Kingdom Is Experiencing A Population Transformation

—Geography: United Kingdom —Research Source: MoveHub —Date: June 2016 —Findings: 54.4% of people moving out of the UK named the weather as a big factor. This is supported by the fact that 40% of international moves from the UK are to notoriously sunnier countries such as: Australia, USA, Spain, and France. Only 25.3% of people said that low […]

Productivity Soars When Working From Home

Geography: United States —Research Source: Leadership IQ —Date: May 2016 —Findings:  Only 24% of people who work in an office say they love their jobs. But 38% of mobile workers and a whopping 45% of telecommuting workers love their jobs. Mobile workers (i.e., using multiple workspaces, in and out of the office) were about 58% more likely to […]

Learning How To Challenge Negative Reviews

Geography: United States Source: SHRM Date: April 2016 Findings: 94 percent of workers believe that negative comments on employer review sites damage an employer’s brand. 75%  of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job, CareerArc found. 62% of job seekers visit social media sites to evaluate an employer’s brand, yet only 57 percent of […]

Do Not Be Afraid To Fright For Your Perks At Work

Geography: United States Source: Jobvite Date: April 2016 Findings: 29% of 18-29 year olds are less likely to have medical coverage, dental coverage (22%) and 401k plans (21%). Millennials are 28% more likely to have flexible work hours and 35% more likely to have free meals/snacks. 56% of job seekers that have children have never taken parental leave: 59% […]

The Public Is Not Aware Of Key Digital Learning Platforms

Geography: United States Source: Pew Research Center Date: March 2016 Findings:  72% of professional learners who have college degrees or more say their extra learning expanded their professional network, compared with 50% of professional learners with high school degrees or less.  Only 14% of Americans say they are “very familiar” with the concept of distance learning and another […]

Education Will Soon Be Fighting Against Robotics

Geography: United States  Source: Oxford University and Pew Research Center Date: March 2016 Findings: 15% of Americans expect that this level of automation of their current position will “definitely” happen, while 50% think it will “probably” happen. 25% of Americans expect that this outcome will probably not happen, and 7% believe it will definitely not happen. 35% of 18- […]

The Quite Problems Of International Assignments

Geography: Global —Research Source:  Cartus —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  51% of respondents say one the major problems of working internationally is currency fluctuation, which can affect employees’ paychecks if mitigating steps are not taken. 63% of respondents said waiting times fore visas is the top issue relative to compliance with laws and regulations. 64% of relocation managers named […]

Young Adults Are Focused On Saving

Geography: United States —Research Source: Ipsos —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  94% of young adults are saving, either for long-term goals like retirement or purchasing a home, or for shorter-term items like vacations or weddings. 19%, across all age groups, stated the top priority for saving is an emergency fund. After an emergency fund, the next four top saving priorities are: […]