Key Job Search Strategies

Geography: United States Research Source: Career Advisory Board —Date: September 2015 —Findings: 70% of job seeker reached out to a contact person to find out more about the position. 67% submitted résumés containing keywords and skills listed in the job description. 90% of active job seekers wanted to be at least 75 percent qualified before applying for a position. […]

Interview Process Continues To Grow

Geography: United States Research Source: Glassdoor  —Date: September 2015 —Findings: 42% of job seekers said they faced a background check in 2014. This number has grown from 25 percent in 2010.  27.3 working days (defined as Mondays through Saturdays) is the average time it takes to fill a job opening. 36% more time for required for interviewing in Washington D.C than […]

Exaggerating The Truth

Geography: Global Research Source: First Advantage —Date: September 2015 —Findings:  23% of individuals admit to exaggerating the truth on their resume or in a job interview in order to land a position. 44% said background checks raise the credibility of the organization. 28% indicated that they are less concerned about office theft if the organization conducts background checks. Recommendations: […]

The Importance Of Social Media For Recruiters And Job Seekers

Geography: United States Research Source:  SHRM, Ascendo  —Date: September 2015 —Findings: 87% of HR professionals said it was either very or somewhat important for job seekers to have a social media presence on LinkedIn. 83% agreed it was important to be on a relevant professional or association social networking site. 65% of organizations had hired new employees who were […]

What Employers Want To See On A Resume

Geography: United States Research Source: Career Builder —Date: September 2015 —Findings: 70% of employers spend less than five minutes reviewing a resume, 48% spend less than two.  42% of employers would consider a candidate who met only three out of five key qualifications for a specific role. 62% of employers say that they want to see a resume that is […]

Understanding A Recruiter’s Strategy

Geography: United States Research Source: iCIMS, Inc. —Date: July 2014 —Finding: 59% of recruiters consider the cover letter a useful tool and 25% admit that a lack of a cover letter leads to disqualification. 76% of recruiters say that they “always” or “sometimes” perform a Google search on candidates before hiring and 40% say they found […]

Social Media Screening As A Part Of The Application Process

Geography: United States Research Source: CareerBuilder —Date: May 2015 —Finding: 35% of employers who screen through social media accounts have requested to be a friend or follow candidates. 80% report being granted permission. 48% of employers admit finding information that caused them not to hire a candidate- 46% saying it was a provocative or inappropriate photo, […]

Social Networking Profiles Supporting, Or Diminishing, A Candidate’s Qualifications

Geography: United States Research Source: CareerBuilder —Date: May 2015 —Finding: 52% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, compared to 43% in 2014 and 39% in 2013. 60% claim they are “looking for information that supports their qualifications for the job” when using social networking sites to research candidates. 56% of recruiters want […]

Infographic: The Challenges Of Both Job Seekers And Employers

Geography: United States Research Source: CareerBuilder Date: May 2015 Summary: This infographic highlights how job seekers are doing their research before they apply to jobs, how employers are using social networks to look up information about candidates, that job seekers want employers to give them a personal response after submitting an application, and now employers expect job seekers to […]

Nearly All Employers Performing Background Checks

Geography: United States Research Source: SHRM —Date: April 2015 —Findings: 92% of employers perform criminal and other public record searches. 86% of employers have discovered lies or misrepresentations in an applicants resume or job application. 72% stated that background screening uncovered issues that they would not have otherwise discovered, however 32% do not check previous employment or references. […]