Video Interviewing Becomes A Mainstay

Geography: Global Research Source: Futurestep —Date: September 2015 —Findings: 71% of companies use real-time video interviewing and 50% use video interviews as a way to narrow the candidate pool. 24% of respondents say their companies use recruiting-focused videos on their career websites. 75% of respondents say that besides face-to-face, video is the best way to interview a candidate. […]

What To Look For In An Interview

Geography: United States Research Source: Robert Half —Date: May 2015 —Finding: 53% of executives say they look for a candidate with strong motivational or leadership skills. 19% say that interpersonal or soft skills are an important factor for candidates to showcase. 13% expect strategic business expertise while 8% expect technical expertise. Recommendations: Leadership requires an […]

What Employers Look For In A Candidate

Geography: United States Research Source: Tim’s Strategy —Date: December 2010 —Finding: 75% of employers are looking for a potential employee to “fit with (their) culture” when interviewing while 61.2% are looking for “passion and excitement for the position.” 13.3% are looking for “physical energy for applicants ages 28-37 while 22.4% are looking for “the best answers […]

1 in 3 Employers Unsure Of Certain Interview Questions Legality

Geography: United States Research Source: CareerBuilder —Date: April 2015 —Findings: 20% of hiring managers have unknowingly asked illegal interview questions. 33% of employers are unsure as to the legality of certain interview questions. Recommendations: It is not uncommon in workplace interviews for hiring managers to ask questions that unbeknownst to them are not legal. The candidates in these […]

Hiring Managers Want Skills Above Experience

Geography: United States Research Source: DeVry University —Date: December 2014 —Findings: 7% of hiring managers feel that “most” job seekers have the right combination of skills suited for the position they need to fill at that company. 38% feel that candidate skills are the most important factor for success, surpassing potential (35%) and experience (27%.) 74% believe that […]

16% Of New Hires Already Connected To The Company Prior To Joining

Geography: United States Research Source: LinkedIn —Date: March 2015 —Findings: 16% of new hires were already connected to the company prior to joining. 28.3% of hires in the computer game industry come from 1st degree connections, followed by 27.8% in computer and network security and 27.3% in venture capital and private equity. 7.1% of hires in the restaurant industry […]

Bad Hires Impact Workplace Morale And Productivity

Geography: United States Research Source: Robert Half —Date: December 2014 —Findings: 39% of CFOs feel that a lowered staff moral is the biggest. expense of a poor hiring decision. 34% believe that lost productivity is the biggest problem. 25% consider monetary costs to be the largest expense. Recommendations: A bad hiring decision affects the entire workplace. While a candidate […]

How HR Views Candidate Resumes

Geography: United States Research Source: SHRM —Date: April 2014 —Findings: 93% of HR professionals said inaccuracies in resumes either sometimes or always negatively impacted their decision to extend a job interview. HR professionals look positively on resumes that are chronological (66%), in bulleted format (43%) and are tailored to a specific industry (43%). 77% of HR professionals said job […]

Video Job Interviews Are Becoming The Standard For Screening

—Geography: United States —Research Source: OfficeTeam —Date: August 2012 —Findings: —63% of HR managers conduct video job interviews in 2012, up from 14% in 2011. —13% think their organization will use video more frequently to meet with applicants in the next 3 years. —Recommendations: —In order to be efficient, cut costs and increase productivity, companies […]

The End of In-Person Candidate Interviews

——Geography: United States —Research Source: Cisco —Date: November 2014 —Findings: —58% of HR professionals would be willing to hire a candidate by only interviewing the candidate using video conferencing, without ever conducting an interview in-person —50% of hiring managers would be open to hiring someone without an in-person interview. —Recommendations: —In order to save time […]