2017 Future of Learning and Working – Vegas

Event name: The Future of Work Date: March 13th – 15th, 2017 Location: Las Vegas, NV Hackathon Presentations: The Employee Experience Hackathon With MasterCard Day 1 Presentations: The University of Phoenix on Intrapreneurial Thinking Culture Creativity & Innovation – Dan Satterthwaite Future Of Learning and Working – Dan Schawbel CheerBox Building More Satisfying Careers Through Enabling Talent […]

One Gen Z’s Perspective On His Own Generation 

One Gen Z’s Perspective On His Own Generation  By David Milo, Community Manager at Future Workplace “The workplace is constantly changing.” These words are thrown around more than many can count as we reflect on 2016, but that doesn’t make them erroneous. Millennials became the largest generation of workers globally back in 2015, while the […]

What Learning Organizations Need to Know About Generation Z

By Subadhra Parthasarathy, Associate Director of Learning and Development at Cognizant Technology Solutions Subadhra is working on an advanced degree in Data Science and Information Management at Harvard Extension School. She is a learning technologies evangelist and platform architect for digital talent solutions. We are all collectively experiencing the fourth industrial revolution, defined as blurring […]

Corporate Credentialing Gains Momentum

Author: Charles Silvestro Source: LinkedIn Date: July 2016 Now this is getting interesting. Microsoft has joined the ranks of Google in the field of professional education by offering a Microsoft Professional Degree program in Data Science.  Both have partnered with well know Massive Open Online Course providers, Google with Udacity and Microsoft with EdX. The capstone project for the […]

Lake Wobegon effect – where all are above average

Author: Charles Silvestro Source: LinkedIn Date: July 2016 For more than a decade employers have grumbled about filling open entry-level positions with workers who are well prepared with skills in critical thinking, communications, and creativity. In many instances college graduates are more than twice as likely as employers to report they have the right skills. This is […]

Credentials reform reshaping higher education

Author: Charles Silvestro Source: LinkedIn Date: July 2016 Time spent in the classroom whether at university or in corporate training rooms is increasingly a remnant of outmoded thinking that equates seat time and credit-hours to knowledge attainment.  Dynamic online platforms that measure learning outcomes and new systems that assess the value of disparate learning credentials will make […]

Hiring In Our Own Image

Author: Charles Silvestro Source: LinkedIn Date: July 2016 What percentage of managers are able to hire candidates that have work experiences and personal backgrounds different from their own? Despite mounting research about the benefits of diversity of work experience and its contribution to high performing teams, managers continue to hire in their own image. The right […]

Three Lessons Learned While Building A Social Learning Community

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Are You Ready For Your Digital Replica At Workplace?

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Why HR needs to be re-imagined (and how a Hackathon can help)

Author: Jeanne Meister Date: July 2016   How Hackathons Can Help You Re-imagine HR  People have a lot of opinions about HR, many of them negative. In fact, Peter Campelli addressed this issue in a recent article, “Why We Love to Hate HR and What We Can Do About It.” According to him, the most […]