Why HR Needs To Improve Onboarding Programs

Geography: United States Research Source: Impact Instruction Group —Date: July 2013 —Findings: 33% of individuals employed at a job for under 6 months have already begun the job searching process again.  33% of executives who join external organizations fall below expectations in the first 2 years. Companies turn over 60% of their entire talent base within 4 years. […]

Majority Of Company Executives Not Concerned With Loyalty

Geography: Global Research Source: Oxford Economics and SAP —Date: December 2014 —Findings: 41% of executives believe that loyalty is an important factor of talent strategy. 37% of executives plan for succession and continuity in key roles. 43% fill senior roles from within the company. Recommendations: The majority of company executives consider their employees to be temporary rather than concern […]

Infographic: Job Hopping Embraced By Workers

Geography: United States Research Source: Accountemps Date: December 2014 Summary: This infographic highlights how more professionals are switching jobs, how it’s helping their careers, that men are hopping more than women, millennials are hopping more than older generations, and that professionals earn more by switching.

Millennials View The Tech, Media and Telecom Sectors As Most Valuable

Geography: Global —Research Source: Deloitte —Date: January 2015 —Findings: 24% of millennial men and 13% of women ranked the technology, media and telecommunications sector as the one to provide the most valuable skills and sector to work in. 33% of millennials view the leadership skill as being the skill they can develop the most in the […]

Millennial Men More Interested In Leadership Roles

Geography: Global —Research Source: Deloitte —Date: January 2015 —Findings: 59% of millennial men would like to secure the top job within their organization versus 47% of women. 27% of millennial men rate their leadership skills as strong versus 21% of women. 34% of millennial women said that as leaders they would emphasize employee growth and development […]

Infographic: How To Engage Millennial Leaders

Geography: United States Research Source: Virtuali Date: January 2015 Summary: This infographic highlights how companies are reluctance to invest in leadership development for Millennials and how that has created low engagement and attrition.

Age Is Still Important When It Comes To Direct Reports

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Addison Group —Date: October 2014 —Findings: —70% of workers prefer to oversee someone younger than themselves. —76% of millennials are hesitant to manage a colleague who is older than they are. —Millennials (82%), compared to older generations (57%) are more eager to become managers. —Recommendations: —Despite the changing demographics in […]

Infographic: Multi-Generational Entrepreneurship

Category: Diversity, Generations, Economic Trends, Entrepreneurship Geography: United States Research Source: Millennial Branding & Monster Date: March 2013 Summary: This infographic illustrates the state of worker attitudes around entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship across all generations of workers.

Insufficient Communication Is The Biggest Change Management Challenge

—Geography: Global —Research Source: Project Management Institute —Date: March 2014 —Findings: —59% of companies say that insufficient communications is the primary cause of organizational change failure, followed by lack of leadership at 56%. —68% say that the top factor for effective organizational change management is an effective communication plan, followed by an effective executive of […]

Companies Not Considering Internal Talent For CEO Positions

—Geography: United States —Research Source: The Institute of Executive Development —Date: May 2014 —Findings: —46% of companies aren’t grooming a specific executive to succeed their current CEO. —39% of companies aren’t considering any candidates from their internal talent pool who can immediately assume their CEO position. —It takes a company an average of 90 days […]