You Must Build Trust, Not Command It

Geography: Global Research Source: EY Date: May 2017 Findings:  Less than half of global respondents have a “great deal of trust” in their current employers (46%), boss or team/colleagues (both 49%). The leading aspects that were “very important” to a majority of global respondents in determining the level of trust to place in their employers were: “Delivers […]

Despite High Levels of Employee Job Satisfaction, There Are Still Key Factors to Consider

Geography: United States Research Source: SHRM Date: April 2017 Findings:  89% of employees claim they are overall satisfied with their jobs 65% state that respectful treatment of all employees at all levels is an important contributor to job satisfaction Other top contributors to job satisfaction include compensation/pay; trust between employees and senior management; job security; and opportunities […]

When Starting a New Job, Millennials Seek Clear Goals Over Autonomy

Geography: United States Research Source: CNBC Date: April 2017 Findings:  When starting a new job… 40% of millennials want to be sufficiently trained 31% of millennials want their expectations and goals to be clearly set 30% of millennials want to be provided with all the information they need to do their job 26% of millennials want to be […]

Appreciation Is A Key Player In Retention

Geography: United States Research Source: OfficeTeam Date: April 2017 Findings:  66% of workers surveyed said they’d likely leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated. That’s up from 51% who responded that way in 2012.

Don’t Under Estimate The Power Of An Internal Hire

Geography: United States Research Source: Fortune, ManpowerGroup, National Skills Coalition Date: April 2017 Findings:  Data usage at AT&T has increased 250,000% since the 2007 introduction of the iPhone. By 2012 AT&T  will be replacing 75% of its hardware with computer-operated software systems by 2020. Only about 50% of AT&T staff had training in the fields of science, technology, engineering, […]

Workplace Transparency Among Co-Workers Drives Productivity

Geography: United States —Research Source: BetterWorks —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  64% of employees believe their company’s leadership isn’t completely transparent when communicating top goals 37% said that greater visibility of company and employee goals would spur their performance 92% of employees said they’d work harder if their co-workers could see their goals Nearly one-third of women (32%) believe […]

Executives Worry About Millennial M&A Decision Making Preferences

Geography: Unites States —Research Source: EY —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  74% of executives surveyed said that they take Millennial attitudes and preferences into consideration in M&A decision making. 26% always take them into consideration, and 48% sometimes consider Millennial attitudes and preferences in M&A decisions. The remaining 26% reported that this is not a consideration. 58% of executives […]

Reviewing The Performance Review

Geography: Unites States —Research Source: Adobe —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  88% of U.S. office workers surveyed report going through structured performance reviews, which include written reviews, often with rankings and ratings, on a mandated frequency. 64% of office workers and managers (62%) agree that performance reviews are outdated ways of managing performance. 59% of office workers feel that performance […]

Yoga Is Not Just A Trend. It’s A Work-life Enhancer

Geography: Unites States —Research Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention —Date: January 2017 —Findings:  Yoga practice among U.S. workers nearly doubled from 2002 to 2012, from 6% to 11%. Meditation rates also increased, from 8% to 9.9%. Approximately 1 in 7 workers report engagement in some form of mindfulness-based activity, and these individuals can bring awareness of […]

Retention Could Take A Big Blow In 2017

Geography: Unites States —Research Source: Harris Poll  —Date: January 2017 —Findings:  35% of workers are regularly searching for new job opportunities, even though they’re currently employed — a one-point increase since last year (34%). 22% of workers are planning to change jobs in 2017, similar to last year (21%). Among younger workers, the numbers are even higher. More […]