Keeping Millennials Happy And Productive

Geography: United States Research Source: Blackhawk Engagement Solutions —Date: September 2015 —Findings: 65% of Millennials  having a job is important to their overall happiness 39% stared that their employers don’t offer any rewards or recognition 85% of Millennials want to be rewarded for exceeding personal performance levels. Recommendations: Key components in growing employee happiness are not aligned with what […]

Treating Employees Fairly Has Positive Impact On Their Health

Geography: United States Research Source: APA —Date: April 2014 —Findings: 64% of employed adults feel that their employer treats them fairly however just under one third believe their employer is not always honest or truthful with them. 49% of employees are satisfied with the growth and development opportunities offered at their job and 47% are satisfied with employee […]

Recognition Has High Impact On Employee Engagement

Geography: Global Research Source: Harvard Business Review —Date: September 2013 —Findings: 71% of execs rank employee engagement as very important to achieving overall organizational success. 72% rank recognition for high performers as having a significant impact on employee engagement. 24% say employees in their organization are highly engaged. Recommendations: Employee engagement is closely linked to customer satisfaction at […]

Employees Without Promotions Most Likely To Leave

Geography: United States Research Source: Bamboo HR —Date: July 2014 —Findings: 22% of employees who have not a received a promotion will begin to look at other companies in order to move forward in their careers. 14% will leave if they have a poor work-life balance. 82%  become angry when their managers do not know as much about […]

Interview: Steve Van Andel Of Amway On Employee Engagement

Audio interview: Summary: In this interview, Steve Van Andel talks about the most unique workforce strategies that are keeping Amway employee engaged, his hiring strategy, leadership style and the top workplace trends that are impacting his business and industry. About the interviewee: Steve Van Andel is the Chairman of Amway and is responsible for managing daily operations […]

71% Of Employers Do Not Limit Promotional Increases

Geography: United States Research Source: WorldatWork —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 77% of employers define a promotion as “higher-level responsibilities/job.” 75% define a promotion as “increase in pay grade, band or level.” 8.1% of employees are employed in a typical year. 44% of employers budget for promotional increases separate from other wage increases. 29% limit their number of promotional increases. […]

Infographic: State Of Learning And Development 2014

Geography: United States Research Source: ASTD Date: November 2014 Summary: This infographic highlights the state of learning at companies, the average direct learning expenditure per employee, the amount of learning hours per employee, the amount of instructor-led training and training technology.

Workers Want Employers To Help Poor Performers Improve

Geography: United States Research Source: Towers Watson —Date: December 2014 —Findings: 61% of companies have their employees monitor their own success online. 48% of employees believe that the organization they work for does a good job explaining the performance and  management process. 48% believe that high-performing employees are rewarded for their work. 31% think that their organization does […]

Merit-Based Bonuses Hit A High In 2014

Geography: United States Research Source: Towers Watson & Aon Hewitt —Date: December 2014 —Findings: 12.7% of companies’ payrolls spent on performance-based bonuses in 2014 and should remain there for 2015. 4.1% of most salaried workers’ total salary are from merit-based bonuses. Recommendations: Providing merit-based bonuses is great incentive for employees, as well as a flexible means of regulating […]

Onboarding Seen As Critical To Employee Success

Geography: United States —Research Source: Bamboo HR —Date: February, 2014 —Findings: —43% of employees think that time and money are wasted on ineffective onboarding processes. —76% agree that on-the-job training is the most important thing a new employee needs to get up to speed and begin contributing quickly. —75% feel that thorough new-hire orientations are […]