Update Your Organization Through Up-skilling Employees

Geography: United States Research Source: Accenture Strategy  Date: March 2017 Findings:  95% of people believe they need new skills to stay relevant at work. 90% of respondents are optimistic about changes technology will bring to work in the next five years. 80% of Americans portray a positive attitude about the impact of automation on work experience in the next […]

5.5% Pay Jump For CEO’s

Geography: United States Research Source: Compensation Advisory Partners, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Date: March 2017 Findings:  Chief executive officers saw their pay packages grow by a median of 5.5 percent from the prior year. That compares with the 2.8 percent increase in December from a year earlier for average hourly earnings of private non-farm employees. Recommendations:   While the executive […]

Women Are Being Bumped From Lower Level Jobs

Geography: United States Research Source: NYTimes  Date: March 2017 Findings:  Fields with a majority of men pay 21 percent more than those with mostly women. Jobs done mostly by men in 2000 that had an increased share of women by 2014: supervisors of scientists, which had 19% more women, podiatrists with 8% more and chief executives with […]

Organizations Flounder When Tracking ROI Of Talent Development Initiatives

Geography: United States Research Source: Career Advisory Board Date: February 2017 Findings:  Only 13 percent of senior-level hiring managers believe their talent development initiatives are very well-aligned with their overall business strategy In order to ensure employees are adequately trained to do their jobs, 80 percent of respondents rely on on-the-job training, one-third use formal mentorships and nearly two-thirds […]

Skill Gaps Lead To Mass Relocations Across America

Geography: United States —Research Source: LinkedIn Workforce Report —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  Hiring across the U.S. was 11.4% higher in January 2017 than January 2016. Hiring was 3.5% lower in January 2017 than January 2016, and seasonally-adjusted hiring was 6.6% lower in January than December. For every 10,000 LinkedIn members in Seattle, 68.2 workers moved to the city […]

Building A Stable Future For Private Equity

Geography: Global —Research Source: EY —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  More than 40% of private equity (PE) CFOs see portfolio analytics and management reporting as their top technology investments over the next two years. Approximately 50% of PE CFOs view the right cyber security and automating processes as “must haves” in their operating models. 92% of CFOs expect Millennials […]

Don’t Let Your Employees Feel Trapped In Their Career Path

Geography: Global —Research Source: Universum, INSEAD, The HEAD Foundation —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  53% of Gen Z are “afraid” or “very afraid” of not getting a job that matches their personality. Slightly more than half (51%) of Gen Y students and 50% of Gen Y professionals had the same fear. 42% of Gen X saying they fear their work […]

The Skills Revolution

Geography: Unites States —Research Source: ManpowerGroup —Date: February 2017   —Findings:  Up to 45% of the tasks people are paid to do each day could be automated with current technology. 83% of employees intend to maintain or increase their headcount and upskill their people in the next two years. Only 12% of employers plan to decrease headcount as a result […]

Innovation Is A Race Reliant On Resources

Geography: Unites States —Research Source: University of Phoenix —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  Only 10% of hiring managers say their employees excel at innovation. In addition, 33% of hiring managers say their employees lack key traits like creativity and forward-thinking. Hiring managers (49%) cite innovation as a very important trait in a job candidate. More than a quarter of […]

Reviewing The Performance Review

Geography: Unites States —Research Source: Adobe —Date: February 2017 —Findings:  88% of U.S. office workers surveyed report going through structured performance reviews, which include written reviews, often with rankings and ratings, on a mandated frequency. 64% of office workers and managers (62%) agree that performance reviews are outdated ways of managing performance. 59% of office workers feel that performance […]