Positive Social Presence Is Key To Recruiting

Geography: United States —Research Source: Future Workplace and Beyond.com —Date: April 2016 —Findings:  71.6% of respondents states that social media was one on the top three emerging recruitment strategies. 56.9% of respondents said job candidates challenges and exercises are on their top three emerging recruitment strategies. Only 35.8% of respondents stated text message campaigns and 40.4% states video interviews […]

Social Media Is Enhancing Job Searches

Geography: United States Source: Jobvite Date: April 2016 Findings: 59% respondents used social media to research the company culture of organizations they were interested in. 17% used twitter for looking up current employees to understand experience/skills. 20% used LinkedIn for finding mutual connections for networking (20%) and getting a sense of company leadership (8%). 67% of those who used […]

Recruiters See Your Life Through Social Media

Geography: United States Source: Jobvite Date: April 2016 Findings: 74% of employees are open to a new job – despite the fact that many of them are satisfied in their current one! They’re concerned in the short term (39% say it’s harder to find a job than the year before), but optimistic (44%) in the long run. 67% of […]

Emerging Economies Are A Major Driver Of Internet Usage

Geography: Global —Research Source: Pew Research Center —Date: March 2016 —Findings: 45% of emerging and developing countries reported using the internet at least occasionally or owning a smartphone in 2013. This number rose to 54%, with much of that increase coming from large emerging economies such as Malaysia, Brazil and China. 87% of  advanced economies surveyed in 2015, use […]

How To Get Media In Front Of Candidates

Geography: United Kingdom —Research Source: High Fliers Research —Date: March 2016 —Findings:  67% of HR managers are turning to social media, with almost three quarters (73%) using Facebook, 67% using LinkedIn and 50% using Twitter. 18%) of HR managers are distributing recruitment-focused content on Instagram and 5% are utilizing Snapchat. 44% are using social channels to communicate directly with candidates, with […]

Changing Work Styles Through Digital Media

Geography: Global —Research Source: Willis Towers Watson —Date: February 2016 —Finding More than half of respondents (56%) said digital media has transformed the way they work. 41% of respondents agree that social media improves their work effectiveness. Only 14% said it reduces their work effectiveness. 50% of the respondents agree that digital media has improved the quality of their […]

Gen Z Provides Insights On Future Technology Usage

Geography: United States —Research Source: The Center for Generational Kinetics —Date: February 2016 —Findings:  37% of Gen Z says social media affects their happiness because Gen Z says social media affects their self-esteem, popularity, how people see them, influence, job and dating prospects. 44% of Gen Z  said Facebook is good for any age, from their own generation to their grandparents. […]

Learning About Stakeholder Needs

Geography: Global —Research Source: PWC —Date: February 2016 —Findings:  70% of CEOs feel their customers are most interested in cost, convenience and functionality. 27% of CEOs believe that their customers are seeking relationships with organisations that address wider stakeholder needs. 44% when CEOs consider what their customers will prioritize in five years’ time. 59% of CEOs believe that top talent […]

Social Media Mishaps That Could Cost You A Job

Geography: United States —Research Source: OfficeTeam —Date: February 2016 —Findings:  45% of Human Resources managers cited writing negative or inappropriate comments. 35% said posting or being tagged in questionable photos is the prevailing digital faux pas  for common social media mistakes that take job seekers out of the running for a position. 17%  of Human Resource managers said a common social […]

Passive Candidacy Is Fueled By Social Media

Geography: United States —Research Source:  ManpowerGroup Solutions —Date: January 2016 —Findings:   64 percent of job seekers who have applied for two or fewer jobs in the past six months are represented by passive candidates. 30% of candidates used social media networking to gather information about an organization or open position. The most popular websites for this activity included […]