Infographic: Gen Y And Facebook

Geography: United States Research Source: Millennial Branding & Date: January 2012 Summary: This infographic portrays the professional side of Gen Y, including where they are working, what size companies they are working at and their “friend” composition on Facebook.

Job Seekers Stick With Mobile After Submitting Applications

—Geography: United States —Research Source: CareerBuilder —Date: December 2014 —Findings: —65% of job seekers said that they rarely return to a job on their desktop after trying to apply on a mobile phone. —10% of employers said that they’re losing out on talented applicants because they don’t have a mobile process. —Recommendations: —Companies need to […]

Job Application Process Length Discourages Job Seekers

—Geography: United States —Research Source: CareerBuilder —Date: October 2013 —Findings: —60% of job seekers who have begun a job application didn’t finish it because there were too many steps or it was too complex. —82% said there were too many steps in the job application process. —41% said they were asked too many personal questions […]

Interview: Geoff Colvin On Humans Versus Robots

Audio interview:  Summary: In the following interview Geoff Colvin talks about the jobs humans have that are being replaced by robots, the economic factors that have given rise to automation, his experience going up against IBM’s Watson and how individuals can ensure they don’t go obsolete in an automated world. About the interviewee: Geoff Colvin, Fortune’s […]

Video Job Interviews Are Becoming The Standard For Screening

—Geography: United States —Research Source: OfficeTeam —Date: August 2012 —Findings: —63% of HR managers conduct video job interviews in 2012, up from 14% in 2011. —13% think their organization will use video more frequently to meet with applicants in the next 3 years. —Recommendations: —In order to be efficient, cut costs and increase productivity, companies […]

Companies Take Social Media Precautions By Implementing Policies

—Geography: Global —Research Source: Proskauer —Date: April 2014 —Findings: —70% of employers report having to take disciplinary action against employees for misuse of social media (up from 35% in 2012). —80% of employers are taking precautions around the misuse of confidential information on social media. —71% of employers are taking precautions around the misrepresentation of […]

Social Media Expertise Is Not Seen As Important To Most Managers

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Millennial Branding & American Express —Date: September 2013 —Findings: —16% of managers and 17% of employees view using social media profiles to actively contribute to online industry conversations as either very important or extremely important. —12% of managers and 17% of employees view using social media profiles to build a […]

Employees Seek Privacy In Their Technology Use

—Geography: United States —Research Source: SHRM —Date: January 2005 —Findings: —25% of employees, and 41% of HR professionals, agree that organizations shouldn’t have the right to listen to employee telephone conversations. —52% of employees, and 76% of HR professionals, agree that organizations have the right to monitor the use of cell phones. —68% of employees, […]

Companies Not Seen As Innovative By Employees

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Millennial Branding & Monster —Date: February 2013 —Findings: —38% of all employees surveyed said that their company was innovative. —38% of Gen Y’s followed by 38% of Gen X’s and 38% of baby boomers felt like their company was innovative. —Recommendations: —Employees don’t see companies as being innovative. This is a […]

Companies Use Gamification For Innovation

—Geography: Global —Research Source: Gartner —Date: April 2011 —Findings: —50% of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes by 2015. —70% of the Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application by 2014. —Recommendations: —Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in […]