Providing Graduates With The Proper Skills For Employment

Geography: Global Source: Harris Poll Date: March 2016 —Findings: 63% of employers reported that they are concerned about the growing skills gap in the U.S. 49% of employers have experienced a negative impact on their business due to extended job vacancies with 25% reporting a loss in revenue and 4% pointing to lower productivity. 41% increase in the […]

STEM Holds The Top Paying Starting Salaries

Geography: United States —Research Source: NACE —Date: February 2016 —Findings:  More than 50% of the employers noted plans to hire 2016 graduates with bachelor’s degrees in the STEM fields, making these grads among the mostly highly sought in the class. 3% overall rise in the average salary projections for bachelor’s degree graduates earning engineering degrees. The average salary […]

U.S. Women Lack Confidence In STEM Environments

Geography: United States —Research Source: Harvard Business Review  —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  77% of Black, 65% of Latina, and 64% Asian women have to provide more evidence of competence than others to prove themselves. Only 8% of Black and 9% of Latina women have colleagues that have suggested  they should work fewer hours after having children. 79% of Latina […]