McDonald’s Introduces Phone Lockers To Improve Family Engagement

Geography: United States Research Source: CNN Travel, Mashable Date: November 2017 Findings: 69% of parents use their smartphones during mealtimes. 72% of children use their smartphones during meals. Most people (98%) say they use their mobile device whenever they’re with family and more than two-thirds of them admitted using smartphones during meals. Recommendations: According to a sample of […]

Automation’s War On Retail

Geography: United States Research Source: Cornerstone Capital Group  Date: June 2017 Findings:  Between 6 million and 7.5 million retail industry jobs are vulnerable to automation within ten years. The jobs of as many as 47% of the 16 million Americans currently working in retail could be made redundant by highly-automated e-commerce and other innovations. While sales roles are just […]

Early Adoption Trends Across America

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Pew Research Center —Date: July 2016 —Findings:  37% of U.S. adults have strong preferences toward being early adopters of food products, 38% are in the middle, and 25% have weak early-adopter preferences, indicating they prefer familiar food products. 16% of U.S. adults have strong preferences for trying both new food and technology products. Another 12% of […]

The Ride-hailing Culture Is Here To Stay

Geography: United States —Research Source: Pew Research Center —Date: May 2016 —Findings:   86% of ride-hailing users feel that ride-hailing services save their users time and stress, while 80% feel that they offer good jobs for those who want flexible working hours. Only 11% of users think that these services collect too much personal information about their users. […]

We Value Authenticity When Shopping

Geography: United States —Research Source: Nielsen —Date: March 2016 —Findings: Millennials are 74% more likely than average to visit Chipotle over Panera, Quiznos, Chick-Fil-A and Starbucks. Millennial are 57% more likely than average to visit the sites like Easy because its e-commerce portal is focused on handmade, vintage and craft items and supplies. Recommendation: Staying connected in today’s world […]

Group Size Matters

Geography: United States —Research Source: Harvard Business Review  —Date: January 2016 —Findings:  81% percent chance of purchase when the number of groups member is one, but drops to 55% when a second member is added. 35% of people who are actually paid above market believe they are paid below market. with only 21% believe they are paid above market. […]

Fighting For Seasonal Hires

Geography: United states Research Source:  Korn Ferry’s Hay Group —Date: December 2015 —Findings: 90% of retailers are planning for the current holiday season to be strong, estimating sales will be on par or up to 10% better than last year’s sales. 67% of retailers are hiring more seasonal staff in 2015 than they did last year. 83% of seasonal hires […]

Working With The Hourly Workforce

Geography: United States Research Source: The PeopleMatter Institute —Date: December 2015 —Findings 90% of workforce management users say that they can quickly and easily complete day-to-day tasks. 85% of companies in the grocery industry are saying staying competitive in the industry and market is becoming more and more challenging. 66% of respondents do not think managing hourly employees […]

Interview: Steve Van Andel Of Amway On Employee Engagement

Audio interview: Summary: In this interview, Steve Van Andel talks about the most unique workforce strategies that are keeping Amway employee engaged, his hiring strategy, leadership style and the top workplace trends that are impacting his business and industry. About the interviewee: Steve Van Andel is the Chairman of Amway and is responsible for managing daily operations […]