Skilled Talent May Be Sitting Right Next To You

Geography: United States —Research Source: ManpowerGroup —Date: October 2016 —Findings:  40% of employers globally report difficulties filling jobs due to lack of available talent. 36% of employers in EMEA are reporting difficulty filling vacancies, a rise from 32% in 2015. Almost half of Asian employers (46%) report hiring difficulties, down two percentage points year-over-year. Just 10% of Chinese employers […]

Technology Skills And Knowledge Concerns Across The Globe

Geography: Global —Research Source: Future Foundation —Date: February 2016 —Findings: 68% of respondents in emerging counties, such as Chine and Brazil, are concerned that a lack of technology skills will make it increasingly hard for young people to advance their career prospects.  78% of young people in Brazil and India are confident that they have the necessary skills for […]

Salaries Worldwide Projected To Increase In 2015

—Geography: Global —Research Source: Hay Group —Date: December 2014 —Findings: —Salaries globally are set to rise by 5.4% in 2015, up .2% from 2014. —Salaries in North America are set to rise 2.8%, up .1% from 2014. —Salaries in the Middle East are set to rise by 5.6%. —Salaries in Africa are set to rise […]