Retirement Planning With Employer Guidance

Geography: United States Research Source: Northern Trust —Date: May 2015 —Finding: 88% of participants strongly or somewhat favor their employers providing tools to help determine if they are saving the correct amount for a financially secure retirement. 80% believe employers should encourage employees to contribute to their retirement plan while 84% support employers providing incentives […]

Retirement Age Expected To Increase

Geography: United States Research Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute —Date: April 2015 —Findings: 22% of workers are confident, while 24% are not confident, that they can live comfortably throughout their retirement years. 25% feel that they did a good job planning for retirement. 81% report their expected retirement age increasing. Recommendations: Cost of living and day-to-day expenses […]

Retirement Age In America On The Rise

Geography: United States Research Source: Gallup —Date: April 2015 —Findings: 37% of working Americans expect to retire after age 65, up from 14% since 1995. 32% expect to retire before the age of 65, down from 49% in 1995. 67% of those who are already retired said they did so before they were 65. Recommendations: As a result of […]

Only One Third Of Baby Boomer Generation Left Working

Geography: United States Research Source: Gallup —Date: January 2015 —Findings: 50% of baby boomers aged 60 have already entered retirement. 36% of boomers ages 65 and up still remain in the workforce, either fully or part-time. Recommendations: For companies with valuable employees nearing age 60, these numbers may prove cause for alarm. With the baby boomer generation ending the […]

53% Of Workers Ages 60+ Are Delaying Retirement

Geography: United States Research Source: CareerBuilder —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 53% of workers age 60 or older are currently delaying retirement while more than half plan on working after retiring from their current career. 81% who plan on working after retiring plan to do so part-time, the remaining 19% plan on doing so full-time. 57% of private sector employers […]

Over Half Of Senior Workers Plan Delayed Retirement

Geography: United States Research Source: CareerBuilder —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 53% of workers age 60 or older are delaying retirement. 78% attribute the delay to household financial situations. 81% report that after retiring they will likely work part-time. 57% of private sector employers plan on hiring senior workers in 2015. Recommendations: Despite the economic recovery, most senior workers are […]

Pension Plan Sponsors Planning For Increasing Costs

Geography: United States Research Source: Aon Hewitt —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 36% of pension plan sponsors are adjusting plan assets to match liabilities. 31% are planning to do so in the upcoming year. 74% of companies have a defined benefit plan. 26% monitor the funded status of their plan on a daily basis. Recommendations: It is important that […]

Confidence In Worker Retirement Increased in 2014

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute —Date: March 2014 —Findings: —18% of workers were confident that they have enough money for retirement , up from 13% in 2013. —Nearly 50% of workers without a retirement plan were not at all confident about their financial security in retirement compared to 10% who are […]