Confidence In Worker Retirement Increased in 2014

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute —Date: March 2014 —Findings: —18% of workers were confident that they have enough money for retirement , up from 13% in 2013. —Nearly 50% of workers without a retirement plan were not at all confident about their financial security in retirement compared to 10% who are […]

Employees Prioritize Family Over Work And Seek Paid Time To Volunteer

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Allstate & National Journal —Date: November 2014 —Findings: —Employees who don’t work the regular hours of 9-to-5 are interested in more flexibility to work at different hours (71%), more certainty and advance notice in their schedule (70%), paid time to volunteer for community or charitable causes (67%). —Employees who work […]

The Most Popular Programs Used To Retain Millennials

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Millennial Branding & —Date: August 2013 —Findings: —79% of HR professionals believe that it’s possible to increase their millennial retention rate. —When asked about the type of programs they have created to retain millennials works, 48% said they have workplace flexibility programs, 40% said mentoring programs, 37% said internal […]

Millennials Are Closing The Gender Pay Gap

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Millennial Branding & PayScale —Date: November 2014 —Findings: —For all types of positions at a company, Gen Y men make 2.2% more than women on average (3.6% for Gen X and 2.7% for baby boomers). For Gen Y, this amounts to $51,000 for men and $49,900 for women. —At the […]

Infographic: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Geography: United States Research Source: Millennial Branding & Elance-oDesk Date: May 2013 Summary: This infographic  explains how millennials believe entrepreneurship is a mindset and in order to become more entrepreneurial, they need companies to embrace flexible work environments.

Work Flexibility More Important Than Salary To Some Employees

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Cisco —Date: November 2014 —Findings: —40% of professionals are willing to take a pay cut for work flexibility. —56% of HR professionals are willing to take a pay cut for work flexibility. —35% of Gen Y’s and 34% of Gen X’s are willing to take a pay cut for work […]

Why Employees Are Quitting To Become Freelancers

—Geography: Global —Research Source: Millennial Branding & Elance-oDesk —Date: October 2014 —Findings: —Among freelancers at “regular” jobs, 72% want to quit to be entirely independent. —61% of these freelancers are likely  to quit within 2 years —Out of those that left their job, 50% quit to work for themselves, 57% of whom were millennials versus […]

Employers Pass Healthcare Cost to Employees

Geography: United States —Research Source: Families and Work Institute —Date: April 2014 —Findings: —37% of employers who offer personal health insurance, 37% increased employees’ premium co-pays during the preceding 12 months. —38% of employers who offer family health insurance increased their employees’ premium co-pays during the preceding 12 months. —Small employers were less likely than […]

Companies Paying For Option For Female Employees To Freeze Eggs

—Geography: United States —Research Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek —Date: October 2014 —Findings: —Apple and Facebook will cover costs up to $20,000 for female employees to free their eggs. —It costs about $10,000 for every round of harvesting and $500 or more each year to store eggs. —Facebook offers $4,000 for new parents to use for their […]

Watch Out For Unlimited Vacation Day Policies

—Geography: United States —Research Source: SHRM —Date: February 2013 —Findings: —Less than 1% of employers offer unlimited paid vacation time. —40% offer a paid vacation plan —8% offer a paid vacation cash-out option —6% offer a paid vacation leave donation program —Recommendations: —Many companies have unlimited vacation day policies including: Netflix, Zynga, Groupon, Glassdoor, Evernote, […]