Healthy Living Apps Prove Beneficial In Employee Wellness

Geography: United States Research Source: Gallup —Date: November 2014 —Findings: 34% of adults with smartphones have downloaded at least one app meant to support healthy living. 19% of adults use such an app regularly compared to 23% of adult full-time workers. 28% of adults are not thriving in any of the 5 elements of well-being (purpose, social, financial, […]

Misconduct Rates Lowered But With Raised Retribution For Reporting

Geography: United States Research Source: ERC —Date: December 2013 —Findings: 41% of workers have observed misconduct on the job, falling from 45% in 2011. 60% of those who have experienced misconduct said it involved someone with managerial authority. 26% reported that misconduct in their department is ongoing. 21% experienced some kind of retaliation after reporting misconduct that they witnessed. Recommendations: […]

Part-Time Workers Less Likely To Receive Paid Leave

Geography: United States Research Source: SHRM —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 99% of U.S. employers with 50 or more employees offer some form of time off with pay for their full-time employees. 25% provide paid leave to part-time employees. 58% provide paid leave for vacation, while 52% provide it for sick days. Recommendations: It is clear that nearly all organizations […]

UK Women Fear Asking Maternity Questions Is Unprofessional

Geography: Global Research Source: Glassdoor —Date: November 2014 —Findings: 78% of women would not ask about a company’s maternity package in the interview stage. 51% of women with this reservation would not ask so that the employer does not jump to conclusions that they are already pregnant. 19% do not think they would be taken seriously. 31% think […]

Companies’ Work Spaces Do Not Support Innovation Goals

Geography: United States Research Source: Steelcase —Date: November 2010 —Findings: 82% of organizations report that their business strategy is closely tied to innovation. 55% say that they bring people of diverse backgrounds together to work on innovation projects. 85% will occasionally partner with outside consultants to aid innovation. 60% state that their organization’s work process is more collaborative than […]

Employee Health Influences Performance And Production

Geography: United States Research Source: HERO —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 84% of business leaders from organizations with under 500 employees consider productivity and performance to be equally important to meet corporate objectives. 42% of business leaders feel having the right tools to do one’s job is the top driver of productivity. 38% feel that employee engagement is the top […]

70% Of Employees Feel Engagement Software Would Boost Performance

Geography: United States Research Source: TechnologyAdvice —Date: September 2014 —Findings: 70% of employees felt that engagement software would help them perform better at work. 54% said they would be more likely or much more likely to perform a task if it had game elements. 77.2% of employees between ages 18 and 24 would be more likely or much […]

71% Of Employers Do Not Limit Promotional Increases

Geography: United States Research Source: WorldatWork —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 77% of employers define a promotion as “higher-level responsibilities/job.” 75% define a promotion as “increase in pay grade, band or level.” 8.1% of employees are employed in a typical year. 44% of employers budget for promotional increases separate from other wage increases. 29% limit their number of promotional increases. […]

Perks Hold High Importance In Job Selection

Geography: United States Research Source: Technology Advice —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 56% of employees feel that perks are “very” or “moderately” important when assessing a job. 31.8% consider a flexible schedule to be the most desired perk. 24.1% consider a gym membership to be the most desired perk. 56% would trade a salary increase for certain perks. Recommendations:  With today’s […]

Most Companies Have Work To Do On Inclusiveness

Geography: Global Research Source: Deloitte —Date: March 2014 —Findings: 61% of employees admit they are “covering” themselves up on some personal level to better assimilate to the company. 20% of companies feel they are fully ready to address the issue of diversity in the workplace. 77% of executives believe their companies have done an “adequate” or “weak” job […]