Companies Are Beginning To Understand How Office Space Affects Innovation

Geography: United States —Research Source: Gensler —Date: September 2016 —Findings: Over 66% of the workforce is disengaged from their work, and workplace stress is on the rise, afflicting 8 out of 10 workers. 40% of the U.S. workforce is estimated to be independently employed by 2020. Innovators spend more time working away from the office entirely, averaging 74% […]

The Home Might Become The New Office

Geography: United States —Research Source: FlexJobs —Date: September 2016 —Findings: Only 7% of workers say the office is their location of choice if they need to be most productive on important work-related projects. 51% of people said that their home is their preferred place to work. 8% said they would choose a coffee shop, coworking space, library, or other […]

More Americans Are Working From Home

—Geography: United States —Research Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics —Date: July 2016 —Findings: 38% of workers in management, business, and financial operations occupations, and 35% of those employed in professional and related occupations did some or all of their work from home on days they worked. 82% of employed persons did some or all of their work at their […]

Working Dads Are Still The Bread Winners

Geography: United States —Research Source: Harris Poll —Date: May 2016 —Findings:   40% of working moms and working dads are the sole breadwinners for their households, yet working dads are almost three times as likely to earn $50,000 or more and three times as likely to earn six figures. 69% of working moms earning less than $50,000 annually […]

Maintaining Attractive Benefits Packages In a Competitive Environment

Geography: United States —Research Source: SHRM —Date: May 2016 —Findings:   60% of employees rated benefits as a very important contributor to job satisfaction, keeping benefits at the number three position. 68% of employees indicated that they were satisfied with their benefits. 63% of employees indicated that paid time off was a very important contributor to job satisfaction, and […]

Productivity Soars When Working From Home

Geography: United States —Research Source: Leadership IQ —Date: May 2016 —Findings:  Only 24% of people who work in an office say they love their jobs. But 38% of mobile workers and a whopping 45% of telecommuting workers love their jobs. Mobile workers (i.e., using multiple workspaces, in and out of the office) were about 58% more likely to […]

Flexibility Is A Driving Factor In Millennial Relocation

Geography: United States Source: Kelton Date: April 2016 Findings: 61% of employees would go to great lengths to be able to work abroad, such as conduct a web conference with their boss every day (39%) or work six days a week (28%). Only 15% of respondents say their employer offers relocation opportunities. 41% of Millennials believe they will work […]

Keeping A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Geography: United States Source: Kelton Date: April 2016 Findings: 38% of respondents said career satisfaction and work-life balance are the top reasons they stay at their current jobs, while nearly three in ten (29%) resign due to work overload and lack of healthy work-life balance. 89% of employees would consider making a lateral career move with no financial incentive […]

Having No Office Is The New Office

Geography: United States, United Kingdom, and Germany Source:  Unify Date: April 2016 Findings: 20% of time spent by knowledge workers is outside the traditional office work enrollment,  and as much as 27% want to spend 26-50% of their time this way. 74% of knowledge workers believe that digital technology, the internet and social media, has fundamentally changed the way they […]

How Technology Is Changing The Way We Interact At Work

Geography: United States, United Kingdom, and Germany Source:  Unify Date: April 2016 Findings: 36% of knowledge workers suggest that creative thinking is one of the biggest benefits of working with people outside of traditional, physically located teams. 57% of knowledge workers suggest they use on-demand tools (e.g. internet/cloud based) for teamwork, project management or virtual collaboration. Recommendation: Connectivity and engagement […]