Scheduled Flexability Boosts Employee Productivity

Geography: United States Research Source: Gallup Date: April 2017 Findings:  The optimal engagement boost occurs when employees spend 60% to less than 80% of their workweek — or three to four days — working off-site. In 2012 the optimal engagement boost occurred when employees spent less than 20% of their time working remotely. On the other hand, […]

Most Millennials Already Have A Second Job, As A Parent

Geography: Unites States —Research Source: Pew Research Center —Date: January 2017 —Findings:  Millennial women (those born from 1981 to 1997) accounted for about eight-in-ten (82%) U.S. births in 2015. At the same time, Millennials make up 31% of the adult U.S. population, and just over a third (34%) of the U.S. workforce. Millennial women ages 18 to 33 in 2014, for instance, […]

Freelancing Is Making Its Mark Early In 2017

Geography: United States —Research Source: LinkedIn —Date: January 2017 —Findings:  Freelancers now account for nearly 35% of the U.S. workforce and the trend is only picking up speed with more professionals opting to create their own jobs in lieu of more traditional full-time employment. 40% of our freelancers are concentrated in just four states: California, Texas, Florida and New York. […]

2017 Is The Year Of The Agile Workforce

Geography: United States —Research Source: Randstad US —Date: January 2017 —Findings:  By the year 2025, most workers (70%) and employers (68%) agree a majority of the workforce will be employed in an agile capacity (i.e. contractor, consultant, temporary or freelance). 50% of the U.S. workforce will be comprised of agile workers, as 39% of workers say […]

Anticipating The Agile Workforce

Geography: United States —Research Source: Randstad US —Date: December 2016 —Findings:  By 2025, 52% of c-suite executives say their organizations will be much more committed to building an agile workforce and the average employer expects 68% of their workforce to be comprised of agile talent.  89% employers agree that by 2025, companies that are adept at managing a mix […]

The Creation Of The Agile Work Environment

Geography: United States —Research Source: Randstad US —Date: December 2016 —Findings:  By the year 2025, most workers (70%) and employers (68%) agree a majority of the workforce will be employed in an agile working capacity as contractors, consultants, temporary or freelance staff. HR and c-suite executives across the US found that as early as 2019, as much as 50% […]

Transforming The Office Into A Productive Environment

Geography: United States —Research Source: Staples —Date: December 2016 —Findings:  70% of Americans are working more than 40 hours a week and suffering from burnout. Nearly 50% of workers state feeling overworked is motivating them to look for a new job. 62% say wellness programs are a selling point when looking for a new job, but only 35% actually have […]

Corporate Real Estate Keeps a Watchful Eye On Coworking Spaces

Geography: Global —Research Source: HOK’s WorkPlace & UK Chapter of CoreNet Global —Date: November 2016 —Findings:  The highest employee engagement levels occur among those who work remotely less than 20% of the time. 54% of the coworkers will leave a specific location in less than a year. Recommendations:  Coworking is now one of the fastest growing markets in […]

Does Your Company Take Advantage Of Remote Working

Geography: United States —Research Source: West Unified Communications —Date: October 2016 —Findings:  90% of millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers take advantage of their company’s remote work policy. While it’s true that a larger proportion of millennials currently work for companies that offer remote work capabilities – 69% versus 40% of boomers – actual use of a policy isn’t […]

Family or Work: Which Comes First?

Geography: United States —Research Source: Gallup —Date: October 2016 —Findings:  35% of female employees are engaged in their jobs, and nearly half of women say they are looking for or considering new jobs. 48% of female employees say that they are actively looking for a different job or watching for new opportunities. 60% of women rate greater work-life […]